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How to do best Skin Polish at Home?

Do you want super glossy skin that even slightest light reflects through your face? If yes, then you need to try Skin Polish at Home. Now the Question is How to do best Skin Polish at Home?

As the world fell in love with Korean beauty regimens, the glassy skin trend began. Korean star’s flawless skin seems almost unrealistic, but it is achievable with a healthy diet and a dedicated skin care routine.

At the spa, Korean-style glossy skin facials and massages are popular, and the prices are sky high. You can achieve glass skin at home with our super easy Homemade Body Polishing tip by using natural ingredients.

In this article, I will share how to make an all-natural face polish that leaves your skin glowing in just 2 easy steps and that too without chemicals. This skin polish promises beautiful, radiant, youthful skin and is best for anti-aging as well.

This homemade Skin polish is suitable for all skin types as it does not have any side effects. Instead of spending huge money at salons on getting facial treatments, try this homemade skin polish for glossy skin.

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How to Make Skin Polish at Home?

Many people, in their quest for clear, flawless skin, turn to procedures that are temporary cures and not long-term cures. So, always prefer natural ways of improving your skin. Here is super easy Homemade Skin Polish for super glossy skin.

Ingredient You will need

  1. 1 tsp Neem powder
  2. 1 tsp chickpea powder
  3. 1 tsp Beetroot powder
  4. 1 tsp turmeric
  5. 1 tsp milk cream
  6. 1 tea spoon rose water
  7. Small, soft towel
  8. An empty container

Method to Prepare Skin Polish at Home

Neem powder is easily available in markets. If it is not available then you can also make this powder at home. All you need is neem leaves. Dry leaves and then grind them to make fine powder. Neem is excellent for your skin because it has anti-bacterial properties that treats acne, breakouts.

 Chickpea Powder removes dark spots from the face and even outs the skin tone. Beetroot Powder will help to provide healthy look to your complexion.

Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. These properties allow it to add glow and radiance to the skin. Turmeric restores your skin’s natural glow.

Milk cream enhances skin elasticity, evens out skin tone, brightens the complexion, and hydrates dry skin. Fresh milk cream is preferred but you can also take milk cream available in the market.

Rose water has been used in cosmetics for thousands of years, so it’s no surprise that it helps reduce skin redness and improve complexion. Its antimicrobial properties can help reduce acne. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce redness and swelling on the skin. You can also add drinking water if rose water is not available.

Mix all the powders together in a container. This powder is enough for 1 week treatment. Take an empty bowl and add 1 tsp of powder to it. Then add 1 teaspoon milk cream and 1 teaspoon rose water. Mix well to make a paste.

Step 1:

Wash your face before applying this face polish. Apply it on damp skin. Apply this mixture evenly to your face especially to the problematic areas of skin. Gently massage this to your skin for at least 2 minutes. You do not need to apply any other product other than this face polish as it is a complete package and contains cleansing, exfoliating and scrub properties. Then wash your face with lukewarm water.

Step 2:

This is the magical step of the entire treatment that will give you glossy skin. Take a small, soft towel and damp it completely. Squeeze off the excess water and apply almond oil to it. Gently rub the towel to your face. This will give you a polished glossy skin.

You can do this treatment every alternate day. Do not forget to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Applying sunscreen is also necessary in maintaining glossy skin.

Skin care routine for glossy skin

Here is simple steps that you can follow to get smooth and glossy skin. You can also read our 7 days Skincare challenge.

Cleanse twice a day

Cleansing your skin removes dirt, excess oil, makeup residue, and dead skin cells. In addition, it prepares the skin for the next stage of the skin care process. Remember that in addition to cleansing your skin every night, it is also important to apply cleanser in the morning to remove toxins that skin produces at night.

So include cleansers in your night and day time skin care routine.

Exfoliation once a week

Exfoliation is a technique that helps remove dead skin cells. They are available in enzymatic, physical, and chemical forms. Exfoliate your face once a week to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation improves the texture of the skin and gives your glowing skin. We recommend AHA 30% + BHA 2% Exfoliating Peeling Solution for best results.

Use a toner

Cleansing and exfoliation can disturb your skin’s PH as they are slightly alkaline. Toner is a best product that can balance your skin’s PH. Moreover, they also sooth your skin as they contain soothing ingredients. Toning allows the skin to absorb serums and treatments more effectively.

Give required treatment to your skin

Address your problematic areas of skin with treatment serums or repairing creams. For example, use hyaluronic acid if your skin lacks hydration and use Vitamin C serum if you want to treat your dark spots. Skin concerns like this interfere with glossy skin. So, it is essential to treat the skin first.

Moisturize frequently

Moisturizing is the key to glossy and radiant skin. Lack of skin moisturization can lead to dry and flaky skin that can lead to acne, breakouts. Skin moisturization reduces water loss and aids in skin barrier restoration. Additionally, it hydrates and provides the skin a gentle sheen.

Do not skip Sunscreen

Sunscreen protects the skin from the harsh UV rays of sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause dullness, age spots, tanned skin, fine lines, wrinkles and, in rare cases, cancer. UV rays affect the smooth texture of the skin and strip it of its natural radiance.


Yoga, meditation, gym, running-do whatever you are interested in. Sweating during exercise encourages the removal of toxins from your body and skin. Additionally, it increases blood flow. Skin that is healthier and more radiant results. After working out, always wash your face or take a shower.

Eat right

Do you remember the old saying? “You are what you eat”. And that is absolutely true. Eating healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables will offer you glowing skin from within.

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