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Christmas Icebox Cookies Recipe that will blow your mind!

Wanna know a secret and delicious Christmas Icebox Cookies recipe? This week, families gather to decorate the tree, sing Christmas carols, and bake their favorite Christmas treats. At Christmas, everyone becomes obsessed with cookies. It’s a ritual but the types of Christmas cookies families bake vary greatly from state to state.

Christmas cookies are tradition in everyone’s house. There are many varieties that are baked, eaten and shared in this holiday period.

Delicious Christmas Icebox Cookies Recipe

In this article, I am going to share the step by step recipe of delightful Christmas tree cookies to celebrate the Christmas season. These type of cookies are also called Christmas icebox cookies which you can also freeze.


First of all we will prepare the cookie dough. The ingredients that you need for Christmas cookies are:

  1. Unsalted butter:226g
  2. Powdered sugar: 180g
  3. Salt: ¼ tsp
  4. Whole egg: 1
  5. Egg yolk: 1(save egg white for egg wash)
  6. Almond flour: 70g
  7. Cake flour: 350g
  8. Colorings and sprinkles as per your choice

Egg wash

  1. Egg white: 1
  2. Water: 30mg

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Dough Preparation

  1. Add butter, sugar and salt in the beater and beat it well
  2. Beat 1 whole egg and an egg yolk separately in a bowl.
  3. Use the left over egg white for making white wash in another bowel that would be used later on. Prepare white wash by adding one egg white to 30mg of water. Mix it well.
  4. Also mix almond flour and cake flour in another utensil.
  5. Then add the eggs in the mixture of butter, sugar and salt in the beater. Then beat again.
  6. Next step is to add flour mixture to the beater. Then beat at slow speed. Make sure it is evenly blended.

Let’s Make Christmas Tree Icebox Cookies

Christmas Icebox Cookies Recipe

The cookie dough is ready. Take half of the cookie dough for plain dough. Then make sections of rest of the dough. Keep the largest section of dough for green dough. Add green color, some yellow color and a quarter teaspoon of matcha powder. Mix it well. Then add sprinkles of your choice or you can skip it depending on your wish.

Then prepare yellow dough. Add 1 teaspoon of yellow color to small section of dough.

Now prepare brown dough. Add 1 teaspoon of brown color and quarter teaspoon of cocoa powder to another section of dough. Also add 3 tablespoons of roasted pecans in it.

Begin with the green part first. You can roll it into the thickness you can cut easily with the help of a cookie cutter or knife. Cutting in 5mm of thickness is preferred. Then put it in freezer. Then do the same with brown dough. Take out the green dough that is chilled. Peel off the butter paper gently. Then cut square shaped cookie pieces using a cookie cutter or you can simply use knife if you don’t have cookie cutter at home. The cookie cutter used in this recipe was 2cm long but you can use a bigger cookie cutter to make bigger Christmas trees.

Assemble all the pieces on a tray and freeze it. You can cut the pieces more easily when they are chilled. Now Collect the left over dough and make more pieces of it. Take out the chilled pieces out of the freezer and cut green pieces into half horizontally. Cut some pieces diagonally as well.

Then take the brown dough out from the freezer. Cut the strips of about 1cm and cut with about 5mm apart. Then chill the stripes in the freezer again.

Join the green pieces of dough together with the help of egg wash. Then join the pair of diagonal pieces to make the top of Christmas tree. Attach all the pairs with each other and chill in the freezer.

In the next step, attach the pieces of brown stripes with the help of egg wash. Chill in the freezer.

Now take the yellow dough and roll the yellow dough into rope like stripes. Keep this in freezer. Spread egg wash on yellow dough strips and add gold sprinkles on the top and then chill in the freezer. Next dice the snowflakes. Spread egg wash and attach the snowflakes on the top of green square dough pieces. Keep this in freezer.

Now we will assemble everything together to make a tree. Apply thin layer of egg wash on the top of brown layer and attach the two green layer with snowflakes on it. Then attach the green diagonal pieces. Attach the yellow layer on top. For this assembling step, make sure that all dough is frozen. Now when the tree is complete, freeze it again.

This would be at least 25 cm long. Cut them into six pieces.

Slice the plain dough into thin slices which was kept at the beginning. Fill it in the gaps of the tree. Chill again. Then again cover the trees completely with the dough. Roll some plain dough very thinly and cover all around the surface and chill again. Apply thin layer of egg wash and attach sprinkles on it. You can use different colored sprinkles for more appealing look. Then gently slice the dough roll into the shape of cookies. It is easier to slice when the dough is frozen without changing the shape of the dough. Attach the gold sprinkle to the top of tree to add more shine.

When you bake them, make sure they are still very cold or frozen to maintain the original shape perfectly even after the baking. Bake at preheated oven at 340F(170C) for about 10 minutes. And then turn the temperature down to 330F(165C) and bake for another 10 minutes until the edges are toasted. Adjust the temperature of oven according to your oven and the size of your cookies.

Your Delicious Christmas Tree Icebox cookies are ready to serve! Tell us did you like this yummiest Christmas Icebox Cookies recipe?


Credit: Pastry Living with Aya