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France : Zara banned veiled women to enter the store

A woman wearing the veil has been banned from entering a Zara store in the Yvelines, then incident was reported to management.

In a video released on Monday, the supervisor of the store said they had been instructed to deny access to the store Zara (Grand Mall Pleasure) to the people who covered their heads.

“People who have a cap, hats, caps, hoods, scarves, even the head is covered … can not go inside the store, says a security guard to the young woman who is denied access. So I who have the scarf like that, I can not go to Zara right? Retorted the young woman. The supervisor says no.

Since then this video has been shared by several people especially  people strongly condemned Zara Store on social networks, management of Zara has  contacted directly to the young woman and apologized. The sign recalls that it strongly disagrees with this way of handling this situation and claims to have punished not only the store manager, but also the security staff.

This video was uploaded on Nov. 14 — one day after the attacks. It has since been shared widely and has caused several people to criticize the chain.

Some attributed the incident to backlash against Muslims in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Noreen Fahad

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