Fashion Trends! What’s New This Year

2021 sure looks promising. And with the exciting fashion trends come up this spring and summer, we should see no reason to let the gloom of 2020 follow. Yes, it’s time to hit the shelves, for an exciting new collection for work, evenings out, and fun weekends with friends? What say? If you’re excited, read on to know what spring and summer have for you!

What Special Fashion Trends Can I Do This Spring?

This year, it’s bright flowers. So, if you are in the mood for some floral prints, remember to keep them bold and bright. Speaking of bold and bright, you are going to love this! Ties and dies are making an appearance, so don’t shy away from them this spring.

And if you are in the mood for belts, smile, because they’re back this spring. Yes, cinch all those floral dresses at your waist with big metallic belts to make a statement as you head out each morning.

And if you’re thinking trousers, khakis is it. Pair them with tailored blazers or sweater vests for a fashion trends statement as you head to the office on a Friday evening.

Finally, want to know what’s in with tops? Big bold shoulders. Yes, those large mutton sleeves are the in thing this spring. So, back to the good old Victorian age, eh?

On days when you feel less feminine, boyfriend jackets with oversized shoulders are also in the in thing this spring. And if you have inches to shed thanks to the lockdown, here’s the good news! Folk-inspired coats are in fashion. So, have fun looking at these trending pieces with their intricate designs to camouflage and look at fashion trends all the same.

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Shall We Prepare For Summer Fashion Trends

Yes, summer is a way to go but who can help being excited for this most awaited season of the year? So, there you go! Here is a sneak peak on what to look out for when you attempt some summer shopping:

And yes, to protect your hair from the sun, this year it’s scarves, and stick to bold bright colors and floral patterns to take over from spring. So yes, this year you get to experiment with knots and wrap styles.

While black and white are not really favorites in fashion trends summer, this summer is going to be different. This monochrome is all set to give you a lot of fun this summer, as you head out with a sleek black face mask and an outfit to go with it. For an extra tip, monochrome with a pop of blue is a highly trending combination this summer.

Another tone that’s popular this summer is pastel. So get a couple of suits so we don’t have an all-black summer.

What’s Up With Shoes, Bags and Accessories?

fashion trends 2021

Fashion trends if you need a bag for this year, don’t hesitate to have some fun with bright shades. To put it more plainly, yellow bags are in fashion this year. You can either get a couple of outfits to match or just make your yellow bag stand out from your black outfit. Speaking of outfits to match, yellow and camel is the combination of 2021, with a yellow bag to go with it.

Here’s another thing with bags this year: fringes. So, put aside the neat bags and choose one with tassels that could dangle to the floor if you like. It’s fashion this year.

And if you are wondering what different to do with shoes, the answer this year is knee-high boots, and no, not the conventional black but white. Another thing that you can look for with shoes is chunky flats, preferably with long socks, yes, the back-to-school way!

And hey! We forgot something: belts. Statement buckles are the trend this year. What with all those khakis and big sleeves you’ll be wearing, there can never be something better.

Ready To Shop?

Like it? Can’t wait for summer and get a couple of outfits to enjoy spring? Get your mask and head out for some fun shopping because, with that blend of pastels, bright colors, monochromes, and fringes, shopping is going to be good fun this 2021.