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Chicken cordon bleu recipe

Learn how you can make Chicken cordon bleu at home?


4 (150 g / 5 oz each) boneless chicken breast halves ,
4 good quality ham
100 g (3.5 oz) Cheddar or Gruyere or Swiss cheese , sliced
45 ml (3 tbsp. ) Flour
2 eggs , beaten
Salt to taste Freshly ground pepper
250 ml (1 cup) breadcrumbs or panko
10 ml (2 tsp. ) Oil
30 ml (2 tbsp. ) Butter


Preheat oven to 160 ° C (325 ° F).
Split chicken breasts and open from middle . Spread a slice of ham and a sliced cheddar . Close by pressing firmly .
Place in the flour and in eggs. Add salt and pepper . Top with breadcrumbs.
In an ovenproof skillet , heat oil and butter and brown the chicken breasts. Cook both sides; After 25 minutes finish cooking in the oven or until internal temperature reaches 74 ° C (165 ° F).

Notes and Tips

Serve Chicken cordon bleu with grilled corn cobs . cheddar , gruyere cheese, Emmenthal cheese,

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