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Best Street Style Fashion for Summer 2017

Street Style Fashion is more common among the youth. You are most likely to see this kind of style along the streets in most urban centers. A closer look at the trends around the world, one is likely to note that street style is almost universal. Probably, this has been made possible by the use of the internet, especially amongst the youth.



There has been a sudden emergence of jumpsuits lately. They come in all sorts of styles, ranging from the sleeveless to the one shoulder pieces. In order to make a statement with this outfit, it is advisable to choose to your colors carefully. Black goes well with people of all complexions. You can not go wrong with a well-fitting jumpsuit.


lady in fashionable ripped jeans stands in pink wall

Both men and women have been spotted wearing some sort of disheveled trousers. At first, they might look unkempt and messy. One thing is for sure, though, these trousers are addictive as they are irresistible. These have been worn by youth all over the world.


Not a day passes without seeing numerous numbers of both women and men spotting flat shoes. Flats are comfortable which probably explains why they have become so common. They are most likely to be worn during the evenings and during the weekends as they are casual. Women have also brought the pajama to the street. With stylish accessorizing, not many are able to tell that they are pajamas.


HotSquash Black ruched dress in clever fabric

Every girl young and old owns a short dress. Black short dresses are particularly cute and stylish. They can be worn both casually and as official wear depending on how one chooses to accessorize them. Throw in a bright attractive boyfriend jacket over a short black dress and the result is irresistibly good looking.




We will all agree that this style has been with us for quite some time. It is not likely to go away anytime soon either. When paired with an oversized checked shirt, it gives an attractive chic result. Many youths, as well as the older generation, love this look.


Young woman isolated on the white background

There are many ways you can wear this fashion and manage to pull a statement. Multicolored tops or even monochrome shirts give you a classic and stylish look. Complete this look with a blazer and a pair of high heels. This will have heads turning along the streets.


beautiful girl on the lake in big hat

Worn by both men and women, straw hats with wide brims are stylish. You can match the with short flowery dresses, long skirts or even shorts. Straw hats are commonly worn at the beach. However, they can also be worn in other settings depending on the color and structure.


Tenki Blue flower print skirt


For the women who are confident about the shape of their legs, they find wearing a short skirt quite comfortable. For those who are not bold enough, pairing the short skirt with a good pair of stockings gives them the confidence to walk in these outfits.

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