Game of Thrones Season 06 Episode 08- No One – Spoiler

Game of Thrones Season 06

Tonight crucial decisions and a bloody duel took place in the eighth episode of Game of Thrones Season 06. Arya seems to have killed Waif in this episode.

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The whole episode of Game of Thrones Season 06 turned out rather slow and without much action but there were some quite crucial scene in this episode. Enjoy our spoiler!

Tonight crucial decisions and a bloody duel took place in the eighth episode of Game of Thrones Season 06. After being captured by the Dothraki , the Khaleesi has finally found its way to Meereen where she arrived in time to help her  Tyrion advisers Missandei and Grey Worm .

On the other hand, we find the surprise death of The Blackfish who is shortly before deprived of his authority in the castle at Riverlands after the arrival of his nephew Edmure Tully . We began to appreciate the character and yet , it will be to his departure … What consequences will have the death of Brynden Tully for the further adventures ?

However, some characters have not been addressed in this episode , including Bran Stark . He made no appearance in the series since past two episodes. The last time we were able to follow the adventures of the young Stark , he was joined by Benjen Stark . So what becomes Bran ?

The final scene of the episode was stressful for all fans of Game of Thrones . During the final minutes, Arya Stark once again faced his sworn enemy who wanted her skin : The Waif . And if you do not know what happened , it is the Stark girl who triumphed over the deadly duel. Arya seems to have killed Waif, brought her face to Jaqen, who dubs stating that it is well and truly become “No One”, what Arya replied: “I’m Arya Stark, and I return home”. And as they have presented to us in the series are they actually hiding an unexpected reversal of situation?

In the next episode e of Game of Thrones season 6. As the name suggests , ‘the battle of the Bastards ‘ the armies of Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton opposes in the biggest battle ever seen on television. Directed by the great Miguel Sapochnick ( to whom we owe already ‘ Hardhome ‘ in the previous season) , this episode may be more than memorable ! Watch Trailer of Ninth episode of the season.

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