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Soups : Carrot soup with broccoli

Carrot soup with broccoli

Ingredients for 8 people : – 900g of carrots cut into small pieces – 1 onion cut in half – 1 clove garlic – 1 chicken bouillon cube (optional ) – 60 ml of oil – 500g of broccoli trunks – 2 large carrots , grated – 1.5 l of water – Salt qs Preparation : In a pan, add ...

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Healthy food options for diabetic Patient

Healthy Food Option

HEALTHY FOOD OPTIONS At the time of your diagnosis of Pre diabetic symptoms, have you thought, ” I could never eat sweet?” If so, you ‘re not alone. The idea that diabetes requires you to “give up” your favorite foods can block you and keep you from learning what are the healthy food choices. Fortunately, it is perfectly acceptable to include ...

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Health Benefits of Broccoli


Broccoli Today in food and beverages section we will share health benefits of broccoli along with that we’ll share some of the best recipes of it to boost your appetite. Over the few years researchers have found out various benefits of broccoli. It’s an edible green vegetable which belongs to cabbage family. It benefits our eyes, skin, hair and much more: It ...

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