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South African Safari Park: Lion mauled US tourist

Johannesburg – A lion killed an American tourist after she violated the security of the park administration in a South African safari park !

South African Safari Park
At the entrance of the lion park it is explicitly advised to keep the windows closed

The woman and her companion opened the window of the car at South African Safari Park in ” Lion Park ” near Johannesburg , even though this is strictly prohibited , reported by ” Eyewitness News ” to the news site .

The lion had jumped on the passenger side through the open window and had bitten the woman . Her traveling companion had been injured in trying to expel the animal and was being treated .

Park spokesman Scott Simpson confirmed : ” The car drove through the park the lion attacked the tourist and bit her through a window of the car. Unfortunately Weis the woman had already died as rescuers arrived . ” The lion is kept up to date in a single enclosure according to media reports.

In March Australian media reports one was injured in the same park of a lion when she got out of the car to take a picture.

South African Safari Park
Lucky escape: Australian tourist Brendan Smith, from Perth, was left with deep flesh wounds after a lion pounced through the window and bit his leg at Gauteng Lion Park in March

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