So the rumor was true. Charlie Sheen is indeed Hollywood actor with HIV diagnosed, whose press is talking in recent days. This November 17 , he confirmed that he was HIV diagnosed .

Charlie Sheen was a guest on the Today show with Matt Lauer aired on NBC. The Wall Street actor had an important announcement to make and only half surprised us by announcing that he has HIV diagnosed. In recent days, rumors swelled in Hollywood on HIV status of an actor Charlie Sheen and wanted to set the record straight. He stated: “These are three letters It is difficult to swallow a turning point in someone’s life.”.

Sober, but firm against Matt Lauer, Charlie Sheen, dressed in a blue suit, a white shirt and a lavender tie, said everything he had in his heart, frankly, and with a touching sincerity. He said: “I’m here to admit that I’m HIV diagnose, I have to put an end to suspicions, this rain of attacks and gossip and very painful and volatile stories that threaten the health of so many other people.. “

It’s changed man, less frivolous than usual, expressed. Charlie Sheen says he does not know how he contracted with the virus, which was diagnosed 4 years ago. He explains: “It started with what I thought was a series of terrible migraines I thought I had a brain tumor I thought it was the end…” The 50 year-old actor has been hospitalized and underwent a lot of tests, and at the end he was HIV diagnosed. Shocked by the news, he admits: “It is difficult to swallow three letters It is a turning point in someone’s life..”

Charlie Sheen admits  that earlier does not know that he was HIV diagnosed and it does not dispute its liability when a viewer tweets that it would result in life – dissolved – he led. He then explains how he was disturbed when he learned he was ill, considering that this could fuel its unstable behavior, however without taking dismiss all the blame on his status.

As legal experts have predicted, Charlie Sheen admits he may be sued. To replicate, it can only sit in front of the cameras and explain its truth. Although he was from 2010 to 2011, the highest paid actor on American television ($ 40 million reaped, according to the Forbes financial magazine) until it returns to Half Men in Due to his uncontrollable attitude, his financial situation is not glorious today, but it does not dramatize “I’ve had ups and downs.”