2000s fashion trends – 2000s marked history. Reality TV , the SARS epidemic and unusual haircuts, we have experienced great things during this ERA. And of-course the world of fashion, too, has been shaken by many revolutions during this fashion era.

Some of those 2000s Fashion trends were really very impressive , but was also pretty strange and improbable. Here we have discovered a little background on these enigmatic trends you had, perhaps some of you might also adopted those fashion trends of the 2000s.

1. That loose black Pants with pockets and long straps

2000s fashion Trends

Let us in a situation : every time you climbed a stairway you walked three straps tore , and at night we had to ask mom to sew them.

The advantage : when you’re bored , you can always take care to make braids with the straps

2 Trumpet sleeves

Fashion era -Trumpet Sleeves

The beginning of the decade was marked by the pants legs, flare or boot cut , so much so that even the sleeves were in Trumpet form during this fashion era.

The positive aspect for Halloween , no need to dress , a hat and a broom enough to complete the look of this type of witch sleeves!

3. The neon tank top

2000s fashion Trends - Neon tank Top

Preferably in 100% synthetic and elastic, of course! It was for those who liked to go unnoticed and it was often so tight that it clung to death in the skin, it feel so naked.

At least with this, no security problems on the road, your visibility is ideal. By cons, it is for the driver who crosses you need to worry, sometimes it is blinded and end up in the ditch …

4. Wide Aladdin Pants with narrow bottoms

Wide Aladdin Pants

For at least one year, the trendy girls of the college and the high school next door all had the same 2000s fashion trends. The beast was fitted at the hips, widened to be huge down but tightened at the ankle.

It should be emphasized an advantage of this animal: it balances the extra-large spirit and the ability to not clean the sidewalks with the bottom of this pants when walking (to the misfortune of sidewalks?).

The major drawback? I seem to hear even now one of those trendy girls walk: it produced a strange sound, half-drag, half-crease, mid-crunch because this beast was made of a fairly rigid fabric. .

5. That V T-Shirt’s tip

With variations: T-shirt with V neckline + advanced down the same form, or: halter to point upward at the neck + points down …

The advantage: if you forget to close your fly, the T-shirt will be there just the right place to hide! (This would be it, the original idea of ​​the thing?)

6. The big pockets Cargo Pants

Cargo pants

It was to be khaki or beige, or camouflage. It must be quite thick and bulky fabric. And above all, the more big pockets, the better. Even my teachers of physics and chemistry wore one.

Although aesthetically is as delicate a backhoe , I admit I ‘m a bit nostalgic . In winter, you could put four layers of tights underneath and it did not show.

7. The long dress with slit on the sides

dress with slits on sides

Here is a solution (more or less happy ) the dilemma between the class of the long dress and sexy dress that reveals your legs. This logic was dug in 2001 and popularized by Kylie Minogue in the legendary music video Can’t get you out of my head , of course with class.

You too, you have perhaps raised, happy to walk normally even in long dress ( because without slits it’s still difficult to step over 20cm in a long skirt, I felt to be a penguin in these cases , walking in small steps very fast ) .

8. The Camouflage Tops

This was consistent witThe Camouflage Topsh the logic of baggy khaki large pockets of course , but it was better to avoid wearing these two trends together , failing to give a false air of Rambo . This form has flourished everywhere, on top , on the bottom , on the shoes and other accessories. In the playground this meant of course teasing or remarks surprised the boys , “You want to do the army? “. But after all, they did not understand fashion, at Lena Bliss it was marked that it’s ” adventurer trend,” first! (Even if you did not quite understand what it meant , it was cool ) .

There is of course a very positive side : 1) you can hide in the bush , and 2) you can eat like a pig or you roll in the mud : a pattern of tasks , it will pass entirely unnoticed!

9. The emo looks

The spirit emo

These young intergalactic hair, dressed in black and red ( or pink ), preferably with stripes, and who listened to My Chemical Romance , still exist ? Their identity was suffering because ” emo ” it comes from emotion or emotional course. And it was necessary that their emotions are too dark .

However , they deserve a solemn tribute , because remember! They were the pioneers in the wick. In 2006, they made fun of these ” depressive wick ” ( at least in part ) . But in a few years , the lock -on side became super fashion and has been democratized , and today it is fully integrated into the capillary landscape. And we do not regret it . Thank you emos !

10. Last but not least: The jeans with trumpet bottoms during 2000s Fashion Era

the jeans

In 2000s fashion trends the jeans was broad and had the trumpet, legs , the flare, the bootcut, offshore, extra-large! So of course, were delighted complexed leg (haha nobody sees my big calves). But two or three centimeters too long still dragging on the ground, withered from walking on it … And above all, remember rainy days: what a delight to see the soaked denim knee! We dried it “my jeans and me.”

Watch Video – 10 WTF 2000s fashion trends I bet you also adopted

I want to end this article on a confession: I personally brought all these trends . This leads me to two conclusions:

For years I have followed the fashion indiscriminately

I ‘ll write the same thing in 10 years on what I was wearing in last decade?

And you, which of these 2000s fashion trends have you treed with pride ? Is there any of it that you like today? And above all: what other improbable or surprising clothes of the 2000s do you remember ?

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