Edmonton . After World Cup final Germany coach Silvia Neid takes critics with the responsibility – to share lessons for the future are drawn .

World Cup final – Before the German soccer players with empty hands and a “Kack-feeling” got on the plane, Silvia Neid was talking to her critics plaintext. “I think it’s good that the coach make as Colin Bell thought. Only one must also ensure that the players evolve,” said the 51-year-old on the question of whether the native worried about the future competitiveness of their selection share in the world rankings.

Immediately before their team had just again not accessed their potential at the World Cup in the small final against England. 0: 1 (0: 0) lost the two-time world and eight-time European champions after extra time, because although this time played out chances, but were all awarded. Since the second round against Sweden (4: 1), the DFB team scored no hits out more from the game. Since Tabea Kemme then also unnecessarily inflicted the penalty of Fara Williams (108), it did not even worked with the World Cup consolation prize.

However, DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach said confidently that,

” Based on the findings of the tournament and their experience Silvia Neid will prepare the team optimally to Rio ,” said the 64 -year-old . He was on the whole satisfied with the performance : ” Even if it has not passed this time for the very top, the positive conclusion remains that we are among the four best teams in the world and have qualified for the Olympics. “

The second World Cup defeat in a row , also the first of its kind in 21 duels with England , tarnishes the balance and fueled criticism from the Bundesliga . Especially Bell ( Frankfurt ) and chief critic Bernd Schröder ( Potsdam ) had the German selection for the semi-final against the USA ( 0 : 2 ) already attested playful technical defects and envy criticized for lack of tactical flexibility and countermeasures .

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