In summer our skin needs extra care to prevent from UVA rays of Sun from damaging the dermis. But not only the sun, but also the saltpeter from the sea or the chlorine from the pool make the skin more dry and damaged. For this reason, it is essential to take extreme care of the skin in summer and follow some additional women beauty tips for skin to look stunning.

At Mybreezylife, we bring few best beauty tips at home for dark women or tan women to take care of their skin in summer and with which you will be able to protect your face and body from heat. Look beautiful and healthy at the best time of the year!

Since the appearance of sun rays is more frequent on the face than our body therefore, our skin of the face is one of the most affected part than our body. Therefore, n order to achieve a healthy tan without damaging health of your skin, it is important to take into account some basic women beauty tips.

The tips to take care of your skin in summer that you should take into account in your daily routine are the following.

Women Beauty Tips for Clearer and Glowing Skin

Having a dusky or tan complexion is the best and in order to achieve tan complexion summer is the best opportunity to have sun bath and to maintain tanning consider homemade face beauty tips for skin that assure skin care regimen for clearer glowing skin.

Deep Cleansing your Face

Skin cleansing is essential to achieve a more homogeneous tan all over your face. For this reason, we have put together few homemade women beauty tips for face at home. By following these women beauty tips, your skin will feel much smoother and free of impurities, therefore, fully prepared for the sun! In addition, you should clean your face on daily to eliminate sweat and toxins.

Fresh Goat Milk is a best cleanser:

Cleanse your skin with milk every day. In order to do that take fresh goat milk in a bowl and gently apply on your face with the help of cotton pad. Wash your face using a gentle soap or a face wash to eliminate the grime and dust, even if impurities are deep-seated into skin pores. For bet results apply this women beauty tips in night.

Gram flour and Turmeric Paste

Mixture of Gram flour and turmeric powder is one of the best women tips. Over decades women are following this homemade beauty tip to heal their skin from damages of Sun. In order to prepare this mixture take a clean bowl. Take 1 table spoon gram flour add a pinch of turmeric powder in it then add few drops of water to make a paste. Now apply it on your face and gently massage for at least 1 to 2 minutes. After massage wash your face with lukewarm water. On using it regularly, even dark patches become lighter and it vanishes slowly with regular use.

Avoid Bleaching your Face

In summer if you have sunburn then try to avoid using bleaching cosmetics more frequently, it is sure to ruin your skin.

Moisturize your Skin in Summer

One of the best care at home that you can do to protect your skin in summer is to deeply hydrate it. Heat and dehydration take a toll on your skin’s health, so your complexion may appear drier and dull. To avoid this situation, nothing better than hydrating the dermis on a daily basis. Therefore, after washing your face, never forget your usual moisturizer; In addition, we recommend that you make a hydrating facial mask once a week to improve your face.

Also, walk few kilometers daily to maintain a healthy skin, drink water in plenty and keep your system clear, say no to aerated drinks and fried food.

Don’t Forget to Apply Sunscreen

Another essential tip to take care of your skin in summer is to use sun protection. This habit is essential if you really want to enjoy a tan that is healthy and safe. Even if you wear makeup, we recommend that you opt for a makeup with sunscreen in summer so that you are always protected from UVA rays. Remember to use it on cloudy days too!

Sunburn What to do?

In order to treat sunburn you can apply one of the authentic women beauty tips i.e. yogurt pack to protect your skin from Sunburn. Mix half a pinch of turmeric powder and 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice in a tablespoon of Yogurt. Massage gently and stay with it for few minutes. Wash it with tap water.

Chose Healthy Lifestyle during Summer

Summer is again dreaded by women. This is the reason they look for women beauty tips in summer to have fresh and glowing skin in summer. This is the time they smell of sweat, blackheads arise with pimples, so it is a matter of concern. Here are some women beauty tips worth considering beating the summer.

  • Ensure to go early to bed and rise early. This will keep you free from stress and you can stay organized.
  • Go for a light walk or exercise in the open air and take a luxurious bath. Ensure the water is in body temperature even in summer months. You may add mint leaves, salts, cucumber slices and enjoy a refreshed feeling. Choose fragrant soaps to harmonize with weather.
  • Dab moisturizer, if your face feels tight and avoid looking greasy because in summer our skin often get dry as well. We can also try some natural skin care tips for dry skin.
  • Summers block skin pores, so go for a meticulous cleansing routine. Cleansing at night using a cleansing mask once a week will keep your skin fresh and clean.
  • Soak your feet in soapy warm water, slip cotton clean socks and apply foot lotions to keep the skin supple and smooth.
  • Protect your hair so that it does not become dry and wear cotton garments.

As you can see, taking care of your skin in summer is a bit more laborious than the rest of the year, but you can treat your skin with few simple women beauty tips. You just have to take into account these tips that we have just indicated and prepare yourself for a good session of sun and beach.

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