Thanks to Cristina Cordula , Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are dressed for winter!

They are Vulgar


Criticizing the look of others? It’s a little job of Cristina Cordula . That’s why we know … and in the end, we appreciate it . With her famous Brazilian accent , host never goes around the bush when it comes to dismantling an outfit.

This time , it tackled three icons : Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. At the last Met Ball last Monday , these have actually caused a sensation with dresses all more transparent than each other .

Of the three, especially Beyoncé has not been spared . Speaking of the gorgeous Givenchy gown the singer wore, Cristina Cordula exclaimed : “It’s so ever seen ! “Before adding :” This year , Beyoncé sorry , but it’s Carnival ! “

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez do not have obviously escaped the sharp eye of the animator . The latter puts the three in one basket . “They are vulgar . (…) I do not understand what is the point of revealing much! They have a few grams on the body and frankly it leaves no room for the dream , the fantasy , sensuality . Everything is there, there … too short, it is vulgar , ” she said . Along with this, Cristina Cordula applauded the omelette coat of Rihanna …