The Web version of WhatsApp is now available for iPhone users.

The popular instant messaging service WhatsApp has launched a web version of WhatsApp application since the beginning of the year. It is available until now users of Android devices , WindowsPhone and BlackBerry. However, iPhone users was not able to access this application because of ” limitations of the Apple system.” It was the speech given by the ownership of Facebook when Web WhatsApp embarked . It is now part of the past as users of Apple’s smartphone in turn can access it, and thus communicate with their friends , talk to them or even video conference to exchange documents.

Today , users with an iPhone are at the same level as the others. WhatsApp  deploys this feature that responds directly from a browser, without having to necessarily go through  iPhone . A new setting has appeared in the iOS app called Web WhatsApp . The user must use it to connect iPhone and web WhatsApp .

Web version of WhatsApp

To access the service , go to this page where it is necessary to scan a QR code on the screen, using the iPhone app WhatsApp functionality via the Web ( accessible from the application settings ) in order to open its session. For now, this functionality is reserved to a limited number of users, but the messaging service ensures that it will be made ​​available to all in the days / weeks.

For now, a handful of users has this setting , most have nothing. WhatsApp deploy this feature that will certainly be activated in everybody in the next weeks.

WhatsApp has 800 million active users worldwide . This messaging service , similar to conventional SMS and iMessage , has the advantage of being available on most platforms (Android , Windows Phone , BlackBerry and more).