Kim Zolciak, famous U.S. reality TV star  has been discharged from hospital after suffering a mini stroke. On Thursday, Zolciak, 37-year-old mom of six kids revealed in a social media post  that she all of sudden she lost all feeling in her left side and was unable to speak. Her dance partner Tony Dovolani showed his support for Zolciak, and tell that she will be fit and healthy in upcoming days.

“After spending only a few weeks with Kim Zolciak, it is proof of how much she is powerful and strong ,” Tony said in a statement. “Her humor and positivity are still radiant through, and it’s astonishing to see that, How much her family love her? . Her family member and her supporter are hoping that she will speedy recovery her fitness”.

Kim Zolciak Said , “She wants to thank everyone for their emtions to her and support “. Kim Zolciak told ET that.”I am now home with my family, resting and taking care of my fitness . I can’t clear-out that how much I love dancing and this whole experience, and I hope this will not be the end of dancing.After I have my fitness you will see me dancing with more powerful”.

She also updated fans about her while she admitted in hospital,by writing it, “Having a important checkup , things are came upon ! Don’t let the oxygen scare you”.

Dancing star couldn’t make the dance floor rocking while in recovery, her supportive dance partner said. Tony Dowolani brought the dance floor to her. Kim Zolciak wrote on her Instagram that “This guy has been with me for 2 days!. And he even brought me my favorite things to drink .Although he is always dancing around the room. and keeps me smiling! So blessed to be surrounded by such great people”.

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