Islamic State (IS)

Islamic State has executed more than 200 people in Syria

The OSDH said it has evidence of the execution of 67 civilians, including children, and 150 members of the Syrian forces by the Islamic State (IS) jihadist.

Three days after the capture of Palmyra by the Islamic State (IS), the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights ( OSDH ) confirms the extent of populations massacre. At least 217 people , including civilians , have been killed since the IS has conquered it during the nine days , progression in the Syrian province of Homs, where Palmyra lies, according to the NGO .

Others accused of being informants loyal to the regime, were also executed . According to the director of the Observatory Rami Abdel Rahman , entire families were executed , including children with their parents. “Most of the executions took place in Palmyra. Some victims were shot dead , others were decapitated or killed with knives , ” he told to the News Agencies.

The Observatory has provided this report just hours after Syria’s official media had claimed that IS had committed a “massacre” in Palmyra , killing some 400 civilians, mostly women and children.

According to the NGOs, 600 people , including members of armed forces, pro-government activists and civilians accused of links with the regime, were also captured by the IS during its advance .

After raided this region , the IS control a very large geographical area that will allow it to threaten the profound Syria as Homs and Damascus.

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