Achieving a fresh and dewy summer makeup look is the epitome of vacation beauty. When the sun is shining and the temperatures rise, there’s nothing better than a makeup look that exudes radiance and luminosity. By incorporating the right products and techniques, you can effortlessly create a makeup look that enhances your natural features and gives you that coveted summer glow.

Step by Step Dewy Summer Makeup Look

As we embark on this beautiful journey, we will uncover the secrets behind achieving a flawless and luminous dewy summer makeup look. From emphasizing natural brows with Bobby Brown Brow Gel to concealing flaws with Armani Concealer, we will explore each step of the process. 

With Laura Mercier, Armani, Bobby Brown, and Nordstrom, we are ready to create a memorable and dewy summer makeup look that effortlessly captivates.

Prepping the Skin with Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Before diving into this fresh and dewy summer makeup look, laying a solid foundation with proper skincare is crucial. With the sun-kissed beach beckoning, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer takes the lead, providing hydration and light coverage for a natural and radiant glow. 

To start the makeup application, it’s crucial to start with a clean and well-prepped canvas. I’ve been loving the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer for this summer look. It combines hydration and light coverage, giving the skin a natural and radiant glow. 

I apply a small amount all over my face, blending it in with my fingers for a seamless finish. This tinted moisturizer evens out my skin tone while still allowing my natural beauty to shine through.

Adding Radiance with Armani Fluid Sheer

To enhance the luminosity of my vacation makeup look, I reach for the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer. This versatile product can be used as a luminizer, blush, or even mixed with foundation for an all-over radiance. 

I mix it with my moisturizer and apply all over my face specially on high points of my face, such as the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid’s bow, to achieve a beautiful and natural glow. The Armani Fluid Sheer adds a subtle and ethereal radiance that perfectly complements the vacation vibe.

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Emphasizing Natural Brows with Bobby Brown Brow Gel

Well-groomed eyebrows are essential to frame the face and complete any makeup look. For a natural and defined brow, I rely on the Bobby Brown Brow Gel. This gel formula effortlessly tames and shapes my brows, adding depth and dimension. 

Using the spoolie applicator, I comb through my brows, filling in any sparse areas and creating a well-defined arch. The Bobby Brown Brow Gel ensures that my brows stay in place throughout the day, even in the beachy breeze.

Concealing Flaws with Armani Concealer

To achieve a flawless complexion, I turn to the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Concealer to target any imperfections or dark circles. This creamy and blendable formula provides excellent coverage without feeling heavy on the skin. 

I apply a small amount to the areas that need extra attention, gently patting it in with my fingertips. The Armani Concealer seamlessly camouflages any flaws, leaving my skin looking fresh and radiant.

Achieving a Sun-Kissed Glow with Clean Bronzer

Charlotte Tilbury sun-kissed glow Cream Bronzer is a must for any vacation makeup look, and I achieve it with the Clean Bronzer. This bronzer adds warmth and depth to my complexion, mimicking the natural tan I’ve acquired during my vacation. 

Using a fluffy brush, I lightly dust the bronzer across my cheekbones, temples, and jawline, blending it out for a seamless finish. The Clean Bronzer provides a healthy and radiant glow, enhancing the overall vacation vibe.

Setting the Makeup with Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

To ensure that my vacation makeup lasts all day, I rely on the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder to set everything in place. This finely-milled powder keeps my foundation, concealer, and bronzer from budging, creating a long-lasting and flawless finish. 

Using a fluffy brush, I lightly dust the powder all over my face, paying extra attention to the T-zone. The Laura Mercier Translucent Powder helps control shine without compromising the natural glow I’ve achieved.

Highlighting with Laura Mercier Illuminator

To add a touch of radiance to my dewy summer makeup look, I reach for the Laura Mercier Illuminator. This highlighter provides a beautiful and natural glow to the high points of my face, accentuating my features and adding dimension. 

Using a small brush, I apply the illuminator to the cheekbones, brow bone, and the inner corners of my eyes. The Laura Mercier Illuminator delivers a subtle and luminous sheen that catches the light, giving my skin a fresh and dewy finish.

Enhancing the Cheeks with Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Beauty Blush Wand

Makeup kit for Dewy Summer Makeup Look

To add a touch of color and radiance to my dewy summer makeup look, I always reach for the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Beauty Blush Wand. This versatile blush wand allows me to achieve a beautiful flush of color that mimics a natural, healthy glow. The creamy formula blends seamlessly into my skin, giving me a lit-from-within radiance.

To apply the blush, I simply dot a small amount of the product onto the apples of my cheeks and blend it out using my fingertips or a makeup brush. The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Beauty Blush Wand is buildable, allowing me to control the intensity of the color. Whether I prefer a subtle hint of color or a more vibrant flush, this blush wand delivers a seamless and natural-looking finish.

The Pillow Talk shade of the Charlotte Tilbury blush is universally flattering, suiting a wide range of skin tones. Its soft rosy hue adds a touch of femininity and youthfulness to my complexion, enhancing my summer-ready look. The lightweight and long-lasting formula ensures that my blush stays put throughout the day, even in the warm weather.

With the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Beauty Blush Wand, I can effortlessly enhance my cheeks and elevate my summer makeup look. Its easy application, natural finish, and flattering shade make it a must-have in my beauty arsenal. I’m ready to embrace a healthy and radiant glow that beautifully complements my vacation vibes.

Enhancing the Eyes with Bobby Brown Cream Shadow Stick

For a natural yet defined eye look, I opt for the Bobby Brown Cream Shadow Stick. This versatile product glides effortlessly onto the lids, providing a long-lasting and crease-free color. 

I choose a neutral shade that complements my skin tone and apply it directly to my eyelids, blending it out with my fingertips for a soft and diffused finish. 

The Bobby Brown Cream Shadow Stick enhances my eyes while maintaining a fresh and effortless vacation vibe.

Accentuating Lashes with Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

No summer makeup look is complete without luscious lashes, and the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara does the job perfectly. This mascara adds volume, length, and intensity to my lashes, making them the focal point of my eye makeup. 

The unique brush separates and coats each lash, creating a full and dramatic effect. With the Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara, my lashes become the ultimate vacation accessory, captivating attention with every blink.

Embracing Hydration and Shine with Bobby Brown Lip Oil Gloss

To keep my lips hydrated and glossy, I turn to the Bobby Brown Lip Oil Gloss. This nourishing formula combines the benefits of a lip oil and a gloss, providing both hydration and shine. 

I apply a generous coat of the Lip Oil Gloss to my lips, enjoying its comfortable and non-sticky texture. 

The Bobby Brown Lip Oil Gloss not only enhances the natural color of my lips but also keeps them soft and supple throughout the day, perfect for a vacation-ready pout.

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Final Touches and Sleek Hair for a Dewy Summer Makeup Look

As I near the end of my summer makeup routine, I add the final touches to complete the dewy look. I lightly dust a touch of the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder on any areas that may need a little extra setting. 

Then, I give my hair a sleek and polished look by quickly running a straightener through the ends to tame any frizz and create a sleek finish. 

The combination of the final makeup touches and sleek hair elevates the summer-ready look, making me feel confident and ready to enjoy a memorable evening.

Taming Frizz and Achieving Sleek Hair for a Vacation-Ready Look

After completing my summer makeup routine, it’s essential to give my hair some attention to complete my overall look. Here are some hair tips to tame frizz and achieve a sleek finish:

  1. Prep with a Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner: Start by using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to combat frizz and add shine. Look for products that contain ingredients like argan oil or keratin, which help to smooth and hydrate the hair.
  2. Apply a Heat Protectant: Before using any heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant spray or serum to protect your hair from damage. This step is crucial, especially if you plan to use a straightener or curling iron to achieve a sleek look.
  3. Blow Dry with a Round Brush: Use a round brush while blow drying your hair to add volume and smoothness. Aim the nozzle of your blow dryer downward to minimize frizz and create a sleeker appearance.
  4. Use a Flat Iron or Straightener: Once your hair is dry, use a flat iron or straightener to further tame any frizz and create a sleek finish. Work in small sections, starting from the roots and slowly gliding the iron down to the ends. Be sure to use a moderate heat setting and avoid applying excessive heat to prevent damage.
  5. Finish with a Smoothing Serum or Oil: To add extra shine and control any remaining frizz, apply a small amount of smoothing serum or hair oil to the ends of your hair. This will help seal the cuticles and give your hair a polished, glossy appearance.

Remember, it’s important to strike a balance between achieving a sleek look and maintaining the health of your hair. Avoid excessive heat styling and give your hair regular breaks from heat to prevent damage. With these hair tips, you’ll be able to complement your vacation makeup look with beautiful, sleek hair.

In conclusion, this dewy summer makeup look journey has been a delightful exploration of beauty. 

We’ve discovered the magic of Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer for a natural and radiant complexion, the allure of Armani’s Fluid Sheer for a luminous glow, and the power of Bobby Brown’s Brow Gel to define and frame our features. 

We’ve concealed flaws with Armani Concealer, achieved a sun-kissed glow with Clean Bronzer, and set our makeup in place with Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. 

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