Bangladesh: Ahmed Faid, Canada, basic Mukto Mona website editor, where Bijoy Ananta writings were published, confirmed the blogger died.

“Mukto Mona”, which means “a free spirit” in Bengali, publish blogs, comments and reports based on science and logic to discredit the conservative religious practices. Bangladesh, a Muslim majority country, is officially secular, but far-right groups to terrorize liberal thinkers were on the rise in recent years.

Blogger, Ananta Bijoy’s murder comes just one week after the Islamists of al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent (AQIS) has claimed responsibility for the murder of Avijit Roy in February. Citizen has also worked for “Mukto Mona” as moderator.

“Attackers wearing masks Ananta Bijoy Das hacked with machetes in Sylhet town about 8:30 am (0230 UTC / GMT) this morning. We learned that he was a writer, “the police Sylhet Deputy Commissioner Faisal Mahmud told AFP news agency. The 33-year-old worked in a bank, police said.

Machete-holders, possibly, members of AQIS, yet another victim, Washiqur Rahman, a month later in March.