A massive deadly earthquake measuring 7.4 struck Tuesday Nepal – already hit by deadly earth quake on April 25. The tremor was felt as far as New Delhi in India.

The Nepal was once again hit by an earthquake on Tuesday, 15 days after the first deadly earthquake. The violent tremor hit the city of Kathmandu and was felt as far as New Delhi, India. The magnitude of this new deadly earthquake of 7.4 on the Richter scale.

” It really was a big earthquake ,” said Prakash Shilpakar , a trader of the Nepalese capital . The tremors were felt as far as New Delhi, the Indian capital , where buildings shook for more than a minute, found witnesses

A previous devastating earthquake in the Himalayas was of 7.8 magnitude and had devastated Nepal on April 25 , killing at least 8046 people dead and over 17,800 injured, according to the latest report provided by the Nepalese authorities.

Hundreds of people running of out of Kathmandu airport. Scary shaking from aftershock by MyBreezyLife

It is not known for the moment, the consequences of the disaster.