Since 50s, Pierre Brice stood in front of the camera . He starred in dozens of films , the star was appointed as chief ” Winnetou ” . actor Pierre Brice died at the age of 86 .

As Apache chief ” Winnetou ” he conquered millions of hearts – now the French actor Pierre Brice died at the age of 86 . According to his management in Germany Brice died on Saturday morning in a hospital in Paris due to pneumonia. With the classic movie ” The Treasure of Silver Lake ” in 1962 , the Frenchman was then became a star virtually overnight in Germany .

The spokesman of the management , Thomas Claassen , said Brice had been briefed on Friday night with a high fever in the clinic . The night he was therefore no longer accessible. In the morning he was again ” briefly woke up” and then ” died in the arms of his wife .” His wife Hella , a German , was all the time with him .

Brice lived most recently in his native France , about 60 kilometers from the French capital . But since long he had plans to move to Germany . People remember him as legendary “Winnetou” – he received the film award Bambi twice , later even the Federal Cross of Merit . In France, the Breton of his life , however, remained largely unknown . In total Brice played in eleven films by the end of the 60’s . Until 1962 as he admitted he never heard the name of author Karl May . Subsequent roles were no longer sufficient to compete with the success of ” Winnteou ” movies .

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