After several weeks of broadcasting The 100 Season 3 come to its end last night after The CW aired episode 16 of the season. Clarke succeeded to convince her mother to take the chip after blood transfusion from Ontario to withstand the Flame and therefore asks Murphy to put him under the anxious eyes of Abby. Whereas Bellamy, Octavia, Pike and other defended the Tower.

On other hand at Arkadia, Jasper threatened Raven however a diversion and a bullet in the leg finally help them capture Jasper and continue to observe what happens in the City of Lights with Clarke while Raven started searching for the kill switch.

Meanwhile, in the City of Lights due to the weaken physical condition of Ontari Al Y attacked Clarke. However, Lexa comes with two swords in hands to help Clarke. After such an emotional reunion of Clarke and Lexa, the two young women begin looking for the famous killswitch together until they fall to Jasper.

With such an unusual serenity at home, Jasper tries to convince with well chosen words of the benefits of AL Y before Jaha arrived with his army behind him in order to convince Clarke by force. Its not over yet ! Raven is still not in rest because Raven is always there at the right time and indicated the door. After emotional good bye to Lexa Clarke enter the Killswitch room and had one and one with Becca and Al Y, The Creation and The Creative as Al Y wanted to take some time to clear the Killswitch and AL Y Clarke explains what could be the basis for the plot of Season 4: nuclear warheads on Earth are melting and will slowly radiate warming up ‘to make it uninhabitable and kill all life, the City of Lights is their only chance of survival. With her past experience, Clarke did not lose hope: “The pain does not improve, she wins, and that’s what we’ll do.”

However, after long debate with Al Y and Becca, Clarke pushes the lever of killswitch and saved the mankind. Octavia atlast took her revenge for Lincoln’s death and infront of everyone she killed Pike. But Clarke is still not happy not only because of Lexa but she knew that future of mankind is still in danger and it is very difficult for this small group to travel the world to stop the nuclear warheads. The 100 Season 3 was full of tension but less deadly.

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