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Fly Dubai Airline Plane Crashes at Rostov-on-Don Airport

Fly Dubai Airline Plane

Fly Dubai Airline Plane crashes at Rostov-on-Don Airport in Russia, all passenger on board dies. SC began checking on the fact of an accident of a Boeing 737 at the airport of Rostov-on-Don Investigators pass the verification of pre-investigation on the fact of the wreckage of  Fly Dubai Airline Plane at the airport of Rostov-on-Don, told “Interfax” the official southern transport management. ...

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Barack Obama, Putin clash over differences on Syria’s future

Barack Obama

Monday, September 28, Barack Obama and Putin were strongly opposed to two hours apart  at the podium of the General Assembly of the UN, holding their politicians chaos that dominates Syria for nearly four years. The US president Barack Obama condemned the support given by Russia to the “tyrant” Bashar al-Assad, on the pretext that an alternative “would be worse.” The ...

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Syrian army started using Russian drones

The Syrian army starts using Russian drones

While the Syrian army has used for the first time Wednesday, September 23 drones supplied by Russia, French President Francois Hollande called for the organization of a new UN conference on Syria, following those of June 2012 and February 2014. “For the first time, the army has used drones today received from Moscow in operations against extremists in the north and ...

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Secret documents provided by Edward Snowden threaten American and British spies , says London

secret documents provided by Edward Snowden

Britain is forced to evacuate spies from some countries after Russia and China had acceded to the mass of secret documents provided by Edward Snowden, a former US consultant, the Sunday Times reported. Government officials and intelligence agencies have told the newspaper that after the secret documents provided by Edward Snowden to Russia and China, most of the officers had ...

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Europeans both proud and shocked to be on the blacklist of Moscow

blacklist of Moscow

Europeans personalities listed in the blacklist of Moscow Saturday, May 30, Europe torn between pride and denunciation . After the revelation of their name existence in the blacklist of Moscow, displaying the names of European politicians banned from entering the territory , many are welcomed to be part of it, and that at the institutional level , the member countries ...

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List of European personalities banned on Russian territory has been revealed by Netherlands

list of European personalities banned on Russian territory

Moscow had made ​​a list of European personalities banned on Russian territory. Friday, May 29, this was revealed by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte , citing a Kremlin response to European sanctions that followed the annexation of the Crimea and the conflict in the east of Ukraine. “Yesterday Russia presented a list of European personalities banned on Russian territory, to ...

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Travel warning from Moscow :” The United States make worldwide hunt for Russians “

Travel warning from Moscow

Travel warning from Moscow : The tone between Russia and the United States is increasingly hostile . Now Moscow accuses Washington even before making international law to hunt Russian around the world . ” The US authorities are continuing the unacceptable practice to make the world hunt for Russians . ” They disregarded international law and put other countries under ...

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