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From former Baywatch Actress to Countess of Devon

Countess of Devon

Actress Allison Joy Langer, 41, became the Countess of Devon in England on Tuesday following the sad passing of her husband Charles Courtenay’s father, the Earl of Devon, aged 73 . From Baywatch babe to British nobility: How California actress met her aristocratic, kilt-wearing husband in a Las Vegas bar and now she is an English Countess and chatelaine of ...

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Vivos Europa One shelter -Exclusive Tour

Vivos Europa One shelter

Vivos Europa One shelter  – ‘The ultimate doomsday escape’: California entrepreneur builds $1billion bunker for millionaires in German village in event of an apocalypse – and where survivors can live a year without leaving . Vivos Europa One shelter, in Rothenstein, Germany, was unveiled by Vivos founder, Robert Vicinio, on Friday . Vivos Europa One shelter Exclusive Tour

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