Sometimes it can be difficult to style your hair, but that’s when our simple hairstyles for long hair come in handy. It’s a good idea to learn at least three quick looks that work for both a date and for Christmas. The wonderful thing is that we have 15 of them!

15 Hairstyles for long hair to try

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1- 3-strand braid

If you have long hair, a braid undoubtedly comes to mind if you need to quickly style it. It appears attractive and is quick and simple. Gather all of your hair, then separate it into two side portions and one central section. Pass the right section over the central section and under the left section. Continue doing this until the end then tie the braid with an elastic band. You can embellish it with tiny flowers for a more polished look.

2- Braided Pony tail

Let’s begin something great, shall we? This stylish, quick, and easy ponytail with a classic braid that is ideal for a day. It only takes a few minutes to complete. What more could you possibly want from a hairdo, in all honesty?

Begin with washed, dried hair with some serum to add shine to your hair. Then put your hair up in a high ponytail with an elastic band. Hide your elastic by wrapping on your hair strand around it. After that, create three equal sections of your pony tail and start braiding your hair in a 3-strand braid. You can flaunt your ponytail by adding sparkle or little flowers to it.

3- Fishtail Braid

The braid I’ve seen most commonly over the past few years is the fishtail. It could be challenging at first, but practice makes it perfect. Divide your hair into two parts after brushing it all back. Take few strands of from the outer side of first section and cross them over to the inner side of second section. Follow the same procedure for the second segment. As you go, continue to add hair to the pieces of hair you have connected to the other section. Stretch the braid after securing the end with an elastic band.

4- Waterfall crown

Make a center part in your hair, then braid it in a waterfall style on either side. An elastic band should be used to join the hair at the back. A small section of hair from the half ponytail should be taken and wrapped around the elastic band. Add another elastic band to the ponytail and braid it into a fishtail style for a few inches. Once more, grab some hair and use it to hide the elastic band. To complete the style, repeat the fishtail braiding step and the hair wrapping around the elastic band one more time.

5- Modern French

This French twist has a fantastic modern twist. It is a sophisticated hairstyle that is ideal for the office. A rolled bun and a bouffant make up this updo. To obtain those defined lines on the bouffant, use a wide-toothed comb.

6- Formal updo

Any bride who wishes to wear an updo on her wedding day should try this hairdo. Get a professional hairdresser to handle it as it involves a lot of hairdo delicate taming down of fly always.

7- Low ponytail

Make a low ponytail with all of your hair and secure it with an elastic band. To achieve this look, topsy-tail your ponytail twice or three times. It is a really straightforward but lovely hairdo. Suitable for college!

8- Big curls

The simplest tool to use to get these attractive curls is a Velcro roller. To give the curls a more natural appearance, twirl them with your fingers. This particular style of curls looks fantastic on haircuts with layers. If you’re using a curling iron for this look, wrap large portions of hair around the barrel to achieve the gorgeous huge curls.

9- Beachy waves

It is every woman’s desire to have the ideal beachy wave appearance. Using a curling iron or wand is the most conventional method of achieving beachy waves. Choose a barrel with a diameter of around an inch, and before style your hair, protect it from heat by using a heat protectant. You only need to shake out your hair to be ready to go.

10- Royal ponytail

Your bottom hair should be curled. Create a pouf by pulling all of your hair up into a high ponytail. Allow your front hair to hang loose if it has bangs or is minimally layered. Put an elastic through the high ponytail and add glittery barrettes and hair combs as accessories.

11- Double buns

For college, school, or a workout, this hairdo is ideal. Hair should be divided in half from front to back. At the top of your head, wrap each portion into a bun.

12- Finger waves

My favorite Hollywood retro waves! Apply some mousse to your hair and then comb it. Curl it using a curling iron. Brush the curls to achieve the look. Given that it is lovely and really feminine, this haircut is ideal for wearing out on a date. Do not forget to use heat protection with hot tools to prevent your hair from damage.

13- Long layered hair with bangs

These days, long, layered hairstyles with bangs are really popular. Why? Everybody wants a hairstyle that is fashionable, easy-looking, and practical in addition to being appealing. Try a layered haircut if you want to highlight your lovely long hair. Long hair is easier to manage with layers since they take care of the annoying problem of longer strands occasionally getting in the way or falling into your face. Get some straight-cut or layered bangs if you also want to rock your long hair without using a single pin.

14- Half-up braided style

Long hair’s adaptability is one of its best qualities. While leaving the lengths loose, braiding and pinning the front keeps strands out of your face. Both fishtail braids and waterfall braids work with this option. Using examples like this one as inspiration can help you create your own variety of a braided half updo.

15- Simple Romantic Hairstyle

This “Beauty and the Beast” Belle-inspired style is simple to copy Make a simple half up pony tail. Do another one underneath it. Pull the first ponytail through the second one you just did underneath. Use a ribbon to tie this faux braid that it matches your attire.

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