Bruce Jenner

BRUCE Jenner first photo as a woman

Even Obama congratulates Bruce Jenner for ” Caitlyn ” cover

The former Olympic Decathlon champion and Kardashian stepfather Bruce Jenner ( 65 ) to Monday night for the first time shown as a woman . In white corsage and brünettem long hair he graces the cover of the American ” Vanity Fair ” with the title : “Call me Caitlyn “

On Monday, at 18:17 ​​Caitlyn made the cover online on her twitter profile specifically for this purpose and those already verified Twitter account . Just four hours later, she already had one million followers . Twitter – record! Meanwhile, there are almost two million people , following Caitlyn on Twitter .

In May , US President Barack Obama ( 53 ) had taken the crown with his own Twitter account . However Caitlyn beat his million followers mark by one hour. And also the team of the US president reacted to Caitlyn – they retweetete with the words : ” It takes courage to share your story . “

Only by the end of April he had madeit ​​public that he will no longer live as husband of Kris Jenner . But for his six biological children he promised : ” I will always be your dad . ” In an interview with ” Vanity Fair ” Jenner likened the ” Caitlyn ” cover with her Olympic victory 1976: ” That was a good day , but the last couple of days were better . ”


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