Your Ultimate Guide To buy Shoes For Toddlers

shoes for todllers

When it comes to purchasing shoes for toddlers, safety and comfort is of utmost importance. Plus there are so many to choose from.

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Purchasing Shoes For Toddlers – When it comes to purchasing shoes for our children especially toddlers, safety and comfort is of utmost importance. Plus there are so many to choose from, how can a parent possibly choose the right one? There’s also the fact that your child has just started walking or crawling so chances are, they’ll need a pair of shoes to help them with their balance. For first time parents, this could be a daunting task because the wrong shoe could mean a trip down the stairs or a tumble in the park which can lead to bruises and scratches. As a parent, we do not want this to happen. So here’s a quick guide on how to purchase the correct pair of shoe for your child.

Get the right measurement

Buying shoes online for your toddler is a big and absolute NO. You’ll need to make time to go to a store where there is a specialized area for children’s shoes. Measure both feet because often times, you toddler’s feet are not the same. Some vary to even a half size. Remember that your child’s feet are growing at a rapid pace. Make sure to measure every 3-4 months.

When your child is trying on a new shoe, make sure to have them try it on while standing up and watch out for their toes. Some babies tend to curl their toes which won’t give you the right measurement.

Consider the type of Shoes For Toddlers

Often times, mothers get a little too excited in dressing their toddler. They purchase a multitude of shoes in different styles which they aren’t so sure would be beneficial to their child’s growth. Remember that your toddler is still growing. You’ll need to buy a pair of shoes that will help in his foot development. Aim for lightweight material that is breathable and non-constricting. Shoes such as leather boots and high fashion footwear should not be an option at this point because your toddler is still learning how to walk. To test if a shoe is a good material, try to bend the shoe and if it goes back to its natural shape then that means it is flexible and will allow your child’s feet to breathe.

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Hand me downs

This may be the most cost efficient way to save a few dollars especially since having a child can be quite expensive but you should know that hand me down shoes for toddlers are not a great idea. Often times, these shoes have already be worn out and maximized by its previous user. In most cases, these shoes will no longer be beneficial to your child unless the shoe is barely worn. Remember that shoes adjust to its owners feet so using a hand me down for your child will mean that you are exposing your toddler to someone else’s feet that may have already grown out.

Debunk the myths

Some parents buy shoes in big sizes so that their child can grow into them. This should never be allowed. This will mean that your child at some point would wear shoes that do not fit them and will cause them to trip and fall. This may even be the cause of accidents which I’m sure every parent would not want. Always fit the shoe in store and make sure that there is a thumb’s width allowance so that your child’s feet can breathe. Watch out for the soles that are loose. Ensure that he doesn’t slip out of his new shoes when he walks. It’s best to allow your toddler to move around to see how the pair of shoes will wear and if it can withstand crawling, jumping and other activities your toddler does. Listen to the shoe experts at NuShoe, Inc who says that the right shoes for toddlers will help in avoiding injuries, apply this to your child and make sure that their new pair will not cause them any accidental trip to the emergency room.

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