Women protest in Turkey
Screenshot Twitter - Frauen gegen Erdogan (Frauenrücken)

Women protest in Turkey : Erdogan criticized the women action

Women protest in Turkey : Women appeared back on during the campaign of President Erdogan. The reacted angrily – and now reaps scorn at Twitter . There plenty of spin a rear views

Yes, delight a beautiful back. This powerful Women protest in Turkey was shown to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his visit in Igdir, in the far east of Turkey. A group of women at his entourage drove there, pointedly turned their back on him and made this victory sign.

A silly gesture, one might think, a trifle, not worth mentioning, even if, as write several bloggers, could also be understood as an invitation to sex. But Erdogan was provoked, mentioned the subject during his appearance explicitly: “If you have even a shred of courtesy, honor and competence, then you should know that the place for policy, Parliament is”, he criticized the women’s action.

In other words, you would not have the right to criticize him in this way. In another appearance on Tuesday he reiterated his criticism of the women.

According to reports of local reporters it was from the women members of the pro-Kurdish HDP that probably takes the ten percent threshold on Sunday in elections in Turkey and thus threatened the government majority of ACP. Erdogan has officially While committed as president and party affiliation to neutrality, but is campaigning for the ACP.

Now women are reacting from all over Turkey and posting on Twitter under the hashtag # SirtimiziDönüyoruz (in various spellings) – in German: We turn [you] our backs – their back pictures . There you will find now pictures of individual women, groups, as well as men do with. Even wild beasts back are published perk. The hashtag Twitter led the charts in Turkey temporarily and made it to third place worldwide.

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