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Why Pregnant Women Should Never Sleep On Their Stomach?

Pregnant women

Pregnant women should avoid sleeping on their stomach because it cuts the flow of blood to the baby so stop sleeping on your stomach

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Why do people sleep face down on their stomachs? The only time I can recall sleeping face down is when as a child I had imaginary thoughts of ghosts and monsters roaming my room immediately the lights went off after bed time stories.

I would sleep on my stomach with my face pressing hard to the pillow just to assure myself that I had created a safe buffer zone between me and the monsters which was impossible to break. The idea is laughable today. Of greater a concern though is not those childhood reminiscence but rather a desire to teach you some few lessons on the dangers of sleeping on your stomach.

These days I can only sleep on an empty stomach but I don’t dare sleep on my stomach. The idea itself makes me shudder even if there were to be real ghosts or monsters in my room with the sole intention to devour me.  Yet there are a lot of people around the globe to whom sleeping on the stomach is still a norm.

To most of these people sleep is not as sweet as it is billed to be. They constantly wake up with a strain on the neck and when they are suffering from a cold or have heavy flu they find it difficult to breach through the pillow. But If you want to sleep on your stomach, then look at to find the best pillow for stomach sleepers.

To these people sleep is a punishing affair. So why do they keep sleeping on their stomachs? Probably it is an old acquired habit- something that they have done for so long or probably, like me during childhood, they are simply trying to avoid contact with a monster in the room when the lights go off. And I would hope that they have actually had an occasion to see these real monsters otherwise there is no convincing reason why a person should sleep on their stomach.

Sleeping on your stomach can be a danger to your health. This is especially so for pregnant women who are actually the main target of this short article. But that does not mean that you should not keep on reading because you are not pregnant or will never get pregnant. Your mother, sister, wife, friend or any other person you know could be pregnant and sleeping on their stomach at the same time.

You owe it to them; to educate them on the simple but important lesson that most people disregard or are simply unaware of. You need to read this article if you wish them well. Are you with me?

Pregnant women should avoid sleeping on their stomach because it cuts the flow of blood to the baby. So unless you do not want to give birth to a healthy child you need to start sleeping on your side. Blood contains oxygen essential for the baby. Remember that the fetus does not live a separate life from the mother while in the womb. Therefore what the mother does determines a lot about the health of the child in the womb.

So stop sleeping on your stomach to guarantee the life of a healthy child. The fetus cannot talk to let you know the pressure you put it under when you choose to sleep on your stomach. Therefore keep in your mind that next time you are sleeping on your stomach you are actually cutting the blood supply to that baby.

According to The Mattress Wallet, Sleeping on your stomach also cuts the supply of food reaching the baby. Unless you think that the creature inside your womb is fasting for the nine months it is in there you need to change your style of sleeping. I urge you to take this advice seriously even if you are one of those right wing elements that do not buy into the idea of life beginning at conception.

Keep in mind that the fetus begins feeding early enough while still and further requires nutrients from the mother which is supplied through the placenta. Otherwise why does the doctor advice that you stop smoking during pregnancy? It is because the child feeds on what you take.

The food carries the nutrients that will enable you give to birth to a child who will not end up in an incubator due to being of a small weight. Does it not make sense then that it is preferable to not sleep on your stomach and ultimately leave the maternity ward with your baby?

Which is best for you; the guarantee of a healthy baby at birth or sleeping on your stomach for some crazy reason? Now you know; stop punishing the creature in the womb.

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