Nail Art Designs

Cute Easy Nail Art Designs


Unable to choose a specific shade or pattern? Take note from this nail technician who incorporated a variety of elements.


Floral nail art is all the rage right now, but Hannah's daisy tips put a new spin on the trend.


Inspired by quartz gemstones, this stunning nail art will make you feel calm whenever you glance down.


These straight lines might look simple, but they're anything but easy to create. Note how the matte background makes them pop.


It is the Fall's biggest and the most viral trend. Tortoiseshells are talk of the town now adays and I think they are the best addition for fall!


These three-tiered sunset vibes nail art designs are so cool. Aren’t they? They work together to create a sunset themed nails which is aesthetic and looks fantastic on your hands.


This evil-eye nail art will instantly lift clear polished nails.


This mixed emotions cute easy nail art design is all you want this fall. It looks soft and aesthetic


We love the retro feel of these curvy waves.


The trend of colorful French manicure tips is back with a bang! This vibrant and playful rainbow colored nail art brightens up your look.


It would appear that cherries are the fruity nail art to flaunt right now.


As the tie and dye trend is still alive. Why not try this trend on your nails?