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Waxing Vs Sugaring – What is best for Unwanted Hair Removal?

Waxing vs Sugaring

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Everything You Need To Know About Waxing Vs Sugaring For Hair Removal

Especially during the warmer summer months, long bodily hair on areas such as the legs, arms, armpits, back, chest, or the bikini areas can be intimidating. Such hairs can even limit your dress code. However, it’s not all doom for you if you have some unwanted hair. There are various options used to get rid of such unwanted hair, some of which you can do by yourself using home hair removal kits.

Waxing Vs Sugaring – Waxing and sugaring for hair removal are some of the most common options available today. With much of our focus being these two approaches, here’s everything you need to know about waxing and sugaring for hair removal.

1. Hair Removal by Waxing

Hair waxing or simply waxing is a popular treatment method used in the removal of unwanted hair from various parts of the body like the legs, arms, and such. It involves the application of hot wax on the said area, which sticks onto the hairs and removes them from the roots as the application is removed. Even though waxing doesn’t produce permanent results, the treated skin can stay for up to 3-6 weeks free of unwanted hair. For better results, and depending on the hair type, one may consider frequent waxing for better results that will last longer.

Types of Waxing and How It Works

There are two main types of waxing used in unwanted hair removal treatment. These include the use of hard wax and soft or strip wax.

  • Hard Wax: is a type of peel-off wax that is mostly used for sensitive skin or to remove hairs from delicate areas such as the underarms, face, eyebrows, and lips. Bikini waxing and Brazilian waxing are some examples where the hard wax is used. It is also known as salon wax or salon wax sensitive. It is applied thickly on the area of interest and removed afterward using the fingertips.
  • Soft Wax: Soft wax is also known as warm wax. It is mostly applied thinly on the area of interest and removed using a waxing strip and is more commonly used for areas such as the arms, legs, chest, back, etc.


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 Professional Waxing and Its Benefits

During professional waxing, hot wax is gently applied on the treatment area in the direction of hair growth and removed towards the opposite direction. It provides temporary removal of unwanted hair for the bikini areas, as well as the legs, arms, and underarms. With professional waxing, the treated area can stay hair-free for a period of 2-6 weeks depending on hair thickness and type. However, the procedure requires that the hair for removal be at least ¼ inches in order for the wax to stick and remove the hair follicle from the root.

On average, professional waxing can cost somewhere from $35 to $80 depending on the chosen facility and the areas of desire. However, home waxing kits are also available, which can see you save time and expenses on salon bills.

Drawbacks of Waxing

Some drawbacks of waxing include the fact that it can cause irritation or pain for people with sensitive skin. Some scientists also believe that the procedure could cause some small wounds on the skin and may damage the hair bulbs.

2. Hair Removal by Sugaring

Sugaring is one of the most common and effective treatment procedures for unwanted hair these days. Historically, sugaring hair removal can be traced back to the ancient days where it was common among middle-eastern region communities. Sometimes it is also referred to as sugar waxing since the paste works in a similar manner to waxing hair removal.

Sugaring process basically involves the removal of unwanted body hair using a gel or paste made from a mixture of sugar and other ingredients such as lemon, hot water, and honey. In some cases, other ingredients such as salt and essential oils are added. The combination effectively removes hair from the root, making it more effective and easier than most other hair removal methods such as shaving, laser treatment, and waxing.

How Sugaring Works

There are two main types of sugaring hair removal, which are a bit different in terms of preparation and how each one of them works. These are paste sugaring and gel sugaring.

  • Paste Sugaring: The sugar waxing ingredients are combined and mixed together to make a paste. This paste is then warmed and applied on the hair removal area towards the direction opposite to that of hair growth (against hair growth) by hand. The paste is then flicked of towards the hair growth direction.
  • Gel Sugaring: in the case of gel sugaring the prepared gel is applied towards the hair growth direction. It is then removed in the opposite to the hair growth direction using a muslin strip or a cloth.

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Benefits of Sugaring

One of the most important benefits about sugaring hair treatment is that, unlike waxing, the paste or gel doesn’t stick on skin, yet it removes hair follicles from the roots. Additionally, cleaning up the mess is easy. The procedure also removes dead skin from the hair removal surface. Also, it is less painful in comparison to other treatment methods for unwanted hair removal and can produce permanent results after a number of sessions. The procedure is also easy and can be performed from home using the locally available ingredients (see sugar wax recipe).

Some Drawbacks of Sugaring

Even though it is presumably one of the most effective treatment approaches for unwanted hair, sugaring also has a number of drawbacks you should know about. The moist significant drawback is that getting the right consistency for the preparation can be a challenge when doing it from home. Additionally, the hair to be removed should be at least an eighth to a quarter of an inch long.

Home and Professional Sugaring Hair Removal

In addition to the traditional preparation using natural ingredients, home kits are available that you can purchase at a cost of something between $10 and $40. Professional sugaring is also available in some local spas and salons, whose price may vary depending on the individual facility you visit.

When you have some unwanted hair that you need to get rid of, waxing and sugaring are two among the best solutions out there for you. They are easy and less time-consuming. They can be performed at home or by a professional from a salon/beauty spa. Other alternative hair removal treatments include electrolysis, laser treatment, and shaving.

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