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United States : Supreme Court confirms the validity of lethal injection

Monday, June 29, by five votes against four, the Supreme Court of the United States confirmed  the constitutionality of the method of execution by lethal injection.

Opponents of the death penalty were disappointed but not surprised: the Court had already approved lethal injection in 2008. They nevertheless hoped that botched executions and opaque methods that states have used to prepare their lethal drugs cocktail would evolved the nine “wise”.

US Supreme Court Upholds Lethal Injection for Death Row Inmates

On the contrary. Divisions of the Court appeared brighter than ever on a subject which is regularly called upon to rule, but had tried to avoid for seven years. Four judges read their opinion of their chair, rare procedure, instead of simply publish it. The entire decision has 127 pages, significantly higher than the one that was made by the judges on June 26 legalizing gay marriage.

Four judges read their opinion of their chair, rare procedure, instead of simply publish.

Seized by four death row in the State of Oklahoma, the State where enforcement of the prisoner-Clayton Lockett ordeal lasted forty-five minutes in 2014, the judges ruled that the plaintiffs had not adduced convincing evidence that midazolam, a sedative used was not efficient enough to prevent …

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