Turkish air force bombed PKK in Iraq

Turkish air force bombed PKK in Iraq

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The Turkish air force bombed PKK in Iraq on the night of Monday to Tuesday, September 8 , the main bases of the Turkish Kurdish rebel Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq , said the pro-government agency Anatolia. This is the response to a PKK attack that killed Sunday, 16 Turkish soldiers in Daglica , in the extreme south -east of Turkey, on the Iraqi border .

Turkish air force bombed PKK in Iraq since the Turkish government on Monday pledged to eradicate the PKK , the day after the attack, the deadliest carried out for years against the armed forces. More than 50 Turkish fighter aircraft heavily bombed during 6:20 PKK targets , killing ” 35 to 40 terrorists ,” said the agency.

Renewed clashes in late July

The basics of Qandil , Hakurk , Zap , Metina , Station and Basyan were heavily shelled , the agency reported . Among the targets also targeted by Turkish bombers appeared “a group of 20-25 terrorists who fled Turkey and retreated to their bases ,” the agency said.

The PKK attack in Daglica is the bloodiest since the resumption of fighting between the army and the PKK in late July that shattered the peace talks initiated in autumn 2012 to end a conflict that left some 40,000 dead since 1984.

Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels said they had killed 31 servicemen in an attack on a convoy and clashes on Sunday in the mountainous Daglica area of Hakkari province, near the Iraqi border. The army statement said 16 had died, making this the highest military death toll in a single attack for years.

“Those mountains will be cleared of these terrorists. Whatever it takes, they will be cleared,” Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told a news conference after a meeting with the chief of the military general staff.

“The mountains, plains and cities of this country will not be left to terrorists. That’s it. Our sorrow is deep and grave.”

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