AKP lost the absolute majority in Parliament

Turkey : AKP lost the absolute majority in Parliament

Legislative June 7 in Turkey is a serious setback for the party of Justice and Development (AKP, the Islamic-conservative), which for the first time since 2002, AKP lost the absolute majority in Parliament. With 40% of the vote, 254 deputies out of 550, the AKP remains the first political party of the country but his defeat was stinging.

For the first time in thirteen years, the Christian-Conservatives will be forced to form a coalition government. They will reign more absolute masters of the country. “God willing, the decision of the nation is good,” said the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to the announcement of the results. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has not expressed about AKP lost the absolute majority in Parliament.

The table of results by region shows how alienation is great in the first place in the Kurdish-speaking regions of the East and South East, but also on all coasts (Marmara, Mediterranean, Aegean) where voting in favor of the AKP has decreased compared to the 2011 elections.

Above all it is a setback for Erdogan who already saw in hyperprésident . By putting its proposed ” sultanate ” in the center of the laws, he has made a referendum on his person. The electorate ‘s response is final. He imagined having 400 deputies of the AKP in parliament? He does not have them . His dream was to amend the constitution to strengthen his power ? He can not. Not only his super – presidency project is stillborn but his star has faded considerably .

Throwing himself headlong into the campaign – despite the neutrality due to the presidential office – by polarizing society in his speeches (secular against religious, Sunni against Alevis, Kurds against Turks) Erdogan lost the accession a good part of his electorate. A far cry from 2002 Tayyip, that captured the attention of the crowds, speaking of pluralism, freedom and reform. In 2015, the words “conspiracy” “terrorism” and “parallel structure” are central to every speech.

His authoritarianism is limitless. The press, the judiciary, the police were under his tight control. Engaged since December 2013, in a vast purge against the brotherhood of his former mentor, the imam Fethullah Gülen exile in the United States, he transferred, remove or stop police, judges and prosecutors.

A journalist makes a critic? It is bullied at best dismissed at worst accused of “terrorism” or “conspiracy against the state.” A video that pleases not short on You Tube or Twitter? It makes block. The reason why AKP lost the absolute majority in Parliament because his opponents are “traitors” and Mr. Demirtas, leader of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), which made him shade throughout the campaign, is an “atheist”.

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