Top 5 of the Most Famous Dancers of All Time


Dancing isn’t just a hobby, for some, it’s a career. There have been some awe-inspiring professional dancers over the years,

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Dancing isn’t just a hobby, for some, it’s a career. There have been some awe-inspiring professional dancers over the years, in a range of different genres. However, who are the most famous? Let’s take a look at the names who caused a stir in the dancing world.

Gene Kelly

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1- Gene Kelly

During the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals, Gene Kelly was classed as an innovator. And, one of the brightest stars around! He mixed a variety of different styles, including ballet, modern and tap, to create something of his very own. His dancing was revered by beginners and pros alike, making him the face of both theater and movies for a very long time. There’s no denying that he led the way for hundreds of dance enthusiasts after him, to experiment and have fun with dancing.

2- Martha Graham

Often hailed as the ‘Mother of Modern Dance’, Martha Graham is one of the most famous dancers of all time. Over her lifetime, she has choreographed over 150 different pieces, while also performing on stage and TV. A lot of her technique is based upon ballet, with a mixture of big body movements and elegant shapes. Her career in dance lasted over 70 years, and she was the first ever dancer to perform at the White House. She has also traveled overseas as an ambassador for culture and was the first dancer to win the Medal of Freedom. Now that’s some accolade.

Michael Jackson

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3- Michael Jackson

There cannot be a list of the most famous dancers of all time, that doesn’t include Michael Jackson. The singer and performer pioneered so many dance moves and became a fascination for those new to the dancing world. Who can forget the Moonwalk, for example? Everyone knows the moves to Thriller, too. He wasn’t afraid to try new things and create his own statement dance moves, that ended up being replicated for decades after they were performed. While he may no longer be with us, his moves will live on for generations. Hopefully, inspiring others to think outside of the box when it comes to dance.

4- Beyonce

If you’re going to mention Michael Jackson, then you can’t not talk about Beyonce! Yet another singer and performer, Queen Bey has managed to wow audiences with her dancing for decades. From strutting her stuff as part of Destiny’s Child through to going solo and selling out tours worldwide. People go to see Beyonce not just for her singing, but for her dancing too. And who can forget her costumes? From dazzling sequin bodysuits through to feather boleros and headdresses, her costumes just get bigger and better. This dancer really does know how to put on a show.


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5- Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

It may be cheating a little bit, but the final one on the list is actually a duo! Think of it as two for the price of one. There is not one dance enthusiast in the world who hasn’t watched their performances over and over; falling a little bit more in love as they do. Fred and Ginger were Hollywood’s finest dancers (and that’s saying something). In a time when everything was quite modest and prudish, these two added spice and excitement. The connection between the two was something that thousands of dancing duos have tried to replicate since. There’s no denying they deserve their place on this list.

So, there we have it. Five of the most famous – and spectacular – dancers of all time. Of course, there are hundreds more who have changed the dancing world for the better, over the years. From Russian ballet greats through to Latin sensation Shakira, there are plenty more to pick from. Did your favourite make it onto the list? Who inspires you to dance?

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