Top 10 Fashion tips for Curvy Women

Curvy women

All Curvy Women, Curves are the next big thing! Curves are in; and Hallelujah for the desirably plump women, they’re here to stay!

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All Curvy Women, Curves are the next big thing!

Gone are the days of unachievable zero-size figures, stick-thin, skinny women. Now its a time for curvy women. Curves are in; and Hallelujah for the desirably plump women, they’re here to stay! Be it Kim Kardashian or plus-sized supermodel Ashley Graham, it’s a big nod that curves give you that ‘oomph’ factor.

And let’s face it, there’s no need to starve yourself (get the ‘Eat Pray Love’ vibe?) to resemble the woman on the latest edition of Cosmo; it’s the era of real women, appreciating their real bodies with no pretensions Period.

However, the fundamental rule here is to show off those gorgeous curves with good dressing. The way you dress will affect how your body appears, highlighting the areas of your body that make you look strikingly attractive when you walk by.

So, we present to you the easiest dressing tips that will accentuate your curvy body.

1.      Crop tops

Crops tops and tees are in this season. Be it bralettes, or short crops, crops look JUST amazing on the curvaceous women. And no, you need not worry about that tummy showing, it is nothing to be ashamed of; it’s what makes you. So flaunt that waist!

Curvy Women 1

2. Good lingerie

Everything starts with the basics, aka good lingerie. Most women don’t even realize they’ve been wearing the wrong. This is the groundwork for what you wear and will shape your body in a delightful manner. Buy ones that are stretchable so they shape your body out.

Curvy Women 2

 3. Flared dresses

You can never go wrong with a dress, fitted at the curve of your waist and flared out to give you a cutesy, yet enviable figure. A one piece dress with a flare at them will make your legs look taller and revamp your whole look.

Curvy Women 3

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4. High-waist bottom wear

High waist jeans and jeggings, especially tone your legs. And, the right pair will give you that hourglass shape. Oh! Also, it will even out your tummy, if you’re the shy one.

5. V-necks

Avoid wearing high necklines and switch to wearing V-necks or deep necks when to comes to T-shirts or dresses for women or even tops. This will accentuate your neckline, lengthen it, and give you that height.

Curvy Women 7

6. The LBD

The Little Black Dress is something which should be in everyone’s closet. Needless to say, it makes you get rid of the unwanted handles and a black party wear dresses add to your height. Choose one that ends either below your knee or just above it.

Curvy Women 6

7. Indian wear

No kidding! Most of us tout to wearing Indian, hiding those curves. Handy tip no. 101? Never hide those curves in anything oversized. Show them off! Choose a women’s kurti in block colours or cute girl’s kurti in asymmetrical hemline that’s cinched at the waist.

Curvy Women 5

8. Bodycon dresses

Bodycon dresses are meant to show your curves just at the right places. A nice fitted party wear dress accessorized aptly will steal the show. It flatters your waist, complements your bust, and neckline, giving you a lovely appearance.

9. Printed kurtis

Probably the most breezy and comfortable garment, ladies kurti has been worn to destruction. To elevate your curvaceous body in a kurti, wear A-line or Anarkali kurti that are nipped at the waist.

Curvy Women 4

10. Accessorize right

Accessorize well, at the right places. Make friends with belts. They draw attention to your more flattering area. Or wear chunky jewelry; however, avoid wearing big earrings. Wear a nice ladies watch to lengthen your arms.

Oh! And don’t forget confidence and that smile!

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