The US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in the whole Country

US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage

This is a historic decision. Friday, June 26, the US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage across the United States. Only two years after having decreed that marriage was not reserved for heterosexual couples, the High Court held by five votes against four, that 14 US states now refuse to unite two people of the same sex were not only marry, but also recognize when their marriage was solemnized elsewhere.

The US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage on the whole territory. In the name of equality of all before the law, “the 14th Amendment requires that a State celebrates a marriage between two persons of the same sex,” wrote Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the majority of the Supreme Court. “The right to marry is fundamental,” he said. He also wrote in the last paragraph of the decision of the highest court of the United States:

No union is deeper than marriage, because marriage embodies the highest ideals of love , loyalty , devotion , sacrifice and family. By forming a marital union , two people become something greater than they were before . Marriage embodies a love that can endure despite the death . It would not understand these men and women to say they lack respect to the idea of marriage. Their advocacy is to say that they just meet , they meet so deeply that they themselves seek to accomplish through him. They demand equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution gives them that right.

“A big step towards equality “

The conservative judge added his vote to the one of the four progressive judges of the High Court to allow gays and lesbians to marry across the United States .

The President of the High Court , John Roberts, opposed it, and the three other conservative judges. Homosexuals had hitherto the right to marry in thirty six states of the country and in the District of Columbia, where Washington is located.

On his Twitter account , President Barack Obama praised the announcement of the decision “a great step towards equality .”

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