secret documents provided by Edward Snowden

Secret documents provided by Edward Snowden threaten American and British spies , says London

Britain is forced to evacuate spies from some countries after Russia and China had acceded to the mass of secret documents provided by Edward Snowden, a former US consultant, the Sunday Times reported.

Government officials and intelligence agencies have told the newspaper that after the secret documents provided by Edward Snowden to Russia and China, most of the officers had been removed from hostile countries after Russia had been able to decipher more than a million records. “The fact that our operating modes are known did stop our collection of critical information,” said a source to the Sunday Times in Downing Street, the services of the Prime Minister David Cameron.

“Russia and China have access to materials Snowden”

Other government sources cited by the newspaper said that China had also, access to documents that reveal intelligence techniques of Britain and the United States, raising fears that their spies had been identified.

Edward Snowden, a former CIA consultant and the National Security Agency (NSA), fled to Russia after transmitting to the press a huge amount of secret documents to uncover the extent of American programs electronic monitoring and protection of individual freedoms. Snowden said that no intelligence service could decrypt the documents he carried with him.

But an intelligence source told the Sunday Times : “We know that Russia and China have access to materials Snowden had provided them and they will study for years, searching for clues to identify potential targets .”

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