The prison of Palmyra

The prison of Palmyra , emblem of the repression of the Syrian regime

Various people had shared several pictures of the alleged destruction of the prison of Palmyra on social media, with images of explosion and destroyed buildings.

The prison of Palmyra, whose name alone terrified Syrians, now not more. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights The city of Palmyra has ” largely been destroyed (Saturday 30 May) after the IS had planted bombs inside and around .” The ancient city of the Palmyra , located in the desert at the center of Syria, was taken ten days ago by the jihadist group.

The Syrian opposition in exile , hostile to the regime as well as the IS , regretted the destruction of this “symbol of the terror of Assad .” “The IS erase evidence of the crime clan of Assad ,” tweeted Mohammad Sarmini , a member of the opposition. “The Palmyra prison is a witness of the crimes of the century ,” says an activist on Twitter.

The prison is notorious for the massacre of hundreds of prisoners by the regime in the 1980s , in the days of Hafez Al- Assad, father of the current President Bashar al- Assad. Political prisoners have been tortured and languished there for years before the regime are sent mainly deserters and draft resisters from the beginning of the 2011 revolt.

The regime has transferred the detainees to other Syrian prisons before the fall of Palmyra, according to OSDH . Before detonating the building IS had broadcast a video showing new images of jails , including individual cells where daylight barely peeped .

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