According to witnesses , suicide bomber of Islamic State in the crowd attended the prayer before breaking the explosive charge he was carrying.

Friday, May 22, the explosion took place during prayer in the Shiite mosque in the village of Koudeih, in eastern Saudi Arabia, was hit by a suicide attack that left at least 19 dead, according to the Red Cross. Its responsibility was claimed by the organization of the Islamic state (IS), through a branch that said to be located on Saudi territory. This is the first attack to target the Shiite community in Saudi Arabia since November 2014.

“An individual detonated a bomb he was wearing under his clothes during Friday prayers,” confirmed earlier this afternoon the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia. He stressed the determination of the services of the ministry to “track down anyone involved in this terrorist crime perpetrated by people seeking to undermine national unity, and to submit to justice.”

Koudeih is located north of the city of Katif, in the heart of the eastern province, an oil region where the Shiite minority is concentrated (10% of the population), which is a victim of discrimination in the Saudi kingdom.