The death of 45 Emirati soldiers in Yemen

The death of 45 Emirati soldiers in Yemen

On Friday, September 4th, the United Arab Emirates (UAE ) announced , the death of 45 Emirati soldiers in Yemen. This is the most heavy toll announced by the command of the UAE Armed Forces , involved in the Arab coalition against the Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen, who are trying to take control of the entire country .

The explosion occurred in an ammunition warehouse, on a military base in the Safer oil region , some 250 km east of Sanaa, which cause the death of 45 Emirati soldiers in Yemen, according to military sources. Human and material reinforcements will conveyed this week on this basis by the antirebelles coalition ” to advance to Sanaa ,” said one of these sources .

The explosion was ” accidental “ according to the interior minister of the Yemeni government , Abdo Al- Houzaifi , ” because the ammunition was improperly stored .”

But an official of the Defense Ministry in Sanaa , quoted by the Saba news agency controlled by Houthi , said the attack was

” a response to the crimes and the war of extermination conducted by the Saudi aggressor his mercenaries against the people. “

Pillar of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia

The UAE is one of the pillars of the coalition in March rise by Saudi Arabia supporting the forces of Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi against the Houthi Shiite rebels, backed by Iran, who are trying to take control of country. Until then, the UAE army had reported the death in Yemen of at least eight soldiers since the start of the offensive at the end of March, three of which were on 8 August.

The direct involvement of the UAE and the supply of arms and equipment to antirebelles forces were essential to military success of the latter, which were resumed since mid-July Aden and four other southern provinces to Houthi rebels. They are now trying to reclaim the capital, Sanaa.

Houthi said on Friday morning, they fired , a type of ballistic missile Tochka on the military camp, “killing dozens of officers and soldiers among the mercenaries of the Saudi aggression” in reference to the Arab coalition. The head of the Defense Ministry in Sanaa added that the attack had hit Apache helicopters destroyed armored “UAE” and “fire arms depots.”

“The loyalist forces, equipped with sophisticated military equipment and supported by Apache helicopters bombed in the night of rebel positions in the south and center of the province of Marib where the Houthi have pockets of resistance,” the Minister said from within the Yemeni government. An investigation is underway on the explosion, which occurred “near a UAE military camp, many of whom were killed and others wounded,” he added.

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