The anti Islamic State coalition meets in Paris

anti Islamic State coalition

Anti Islamic State coalition : The reconquest of Ramadi is the heart of the discussions

How to defeat the Islamic State ? The strategy to deal with advanced jihadist group in Iraq and Syria will be at the heart of a meeting, on Tuesday, June 2 in Paris, the anti Islamic State coalition led by the US, which has some 4,000 raids in ten months have not managed to stop the jihadists .

The meeting, attended by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, ministers and representatives of international organizations, must question the current method, which is to conduct raids and train Iraqi soldiers or moderate Syrian rebels for action on the ground. But the raids have taken on little “truck bombs” of the IS and training efforts have not prevented a collapse of the Iraqi Army in Ramadi and in the province of Al-Anbar. Taking over the capital of the predominantly Sunni province, May 17, by IS, followed by that of Palmyra, Syria, 20, was a setback for the international coalition and showed the strength of the jihadist group presented back since losing in Tikrit, Iraq, at the end of March.

US President Barack Obama had recognized “a tactical setback,” but ruled out for now any change in strategy. The coalition led by the Americans, however, recognized the need to increase its commitment in Iraq and the effectiveness of its three-pronged strategy: air strikes; training and equipping the Iraqi armed forces; and military and political inclusion of local Sunni forces .

Iraqi Prime Minister will explain to coalition members that his government intends to undertake , and how international partners can help him . Iraqis hope to mobilize Sunni tribes to reclaim the province of Al -Anbar , Baghdad but must also quickly control regain of Shiite militias .

The role of these Shiite militias – supported mostly by Iran – worried Washington. ” It is very important that all forces should be subject to command and in control of the government and the Iraqi Prime Minister . This is one of the fundamental elements of the plan , ” said the US official.

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