Terrorist Attacks in Paris

Terrorist Attacks in Paris: the reactions of the world Politicians

Terrorist Attacks in Paris – World Mourns with France

Friday night, the state of emergency is decreed in France. Eight terrorist attacks in Paris took place, killed at least 120 people. While on Saturday morning François Hollande meets an emergency council with ministers and reactions from around the world flock to victim support. Barack Obama has been the first to speak in public, saying that the attacks “were not only an attack against Paris, but an attack against all humanity and our universal values.” “We stand ready to provide any assistance that the government and people of France would need,” added the President of the United States during a press conference.

For her part, Merkel said she was “deeply shocked” by the terrorist attacks in Paris, while David Cameron spoke on Twitter. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the French. We will do everything we can to help, ” thus wrote the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Mariano Rajoy has meanwhile met with Manuel Valls, AFP reported. On Twitter, the Spanish Prime Minister said his country was ” on the side of France in these difficult times .” Alexis Tsipras presented his ” deep condolences to the families of victims,” ​​on social networks . TRIBUTE IN NEW YORK In New York, the Freedom Tower , built on the site of the World Trade Center, is illuminated with the colors of the French flag to tribute the victims of terrorist attacks in Paris. The mayor , Bill de Blasio , assured that ” New Yorkers are heartbroken to see their sister city still hit by senseless acts of violence .”

“I am shocked and saddened by the heavy toll of victims of violent terrorist attacks in Paris. Canada stands with France ” , Justin Trudeau, newly elected Prime Minister of Canada tweeted. ” Dismayed by the terrorist barbarism ,” Roussef on Twitter expressed his ” anger for violence.”

The Turkish government , Russian, Chinese, Indian or Mexican also provided full support to France , while on Twitter, thousands of Internet users use the hahstag ” #PrayForParis ” (” Pray for Paris “).

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