Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Temple Mount in Jerusalem – Clashes on the day of Sukkot

On Monday, Violent clashes pitted between Israeli police and Palestinian youth . Tension is revived on the occasion of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot at Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

On Monday intense clashes pitted between Palestinian youths and Israeli police, injuring several people on and around the highly sensitive Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where celebrations of great Jewish holiday heightening the tensions. After a long face-to-face, half an hour before the opening of the Esplanade non Muslim visitors (tourists and Jews), a dozen masked Palestinian youths began to steal the stones to which the police responded with tear gas and stun grenades, AFP journalist said.

The police heavily equipped and previously stationed at the door through which the Jews were to come and tourists are then deployed on the 14 hectares of the esplanade. The young stone-throwers have ebbed to find refuge in the iconic Al-Aqsa mosque where several dozen others were already entrenched since the night, waiting for the next morning visits in a now customary scenario.

Muslim worshipers left after the dawn prayer were expelled forcibly from the esplanade.
Palestinians barricaded themselves inside Al-Aqsa threw Molotov cocktails from the inside and stones at police posted dozens before the gates of the mosque, on the roof and everywhere else on the esplanade. The police protected by mobile screens fired tear gas and stun grenades through the openings.

Until the end of Sukkot

The situation remained tense near Temple Mount in Jerusalem where Palestinians chanted Aqsa defense slogans where Jews spent their good Sunday  and wearing wreaths as tradition to celebrate Sukkot.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Ofir Gendelman tweeted a response to the violence in which he clarified that no Jewish visitors had been allowed onto al-Aqsa Mosque compound where the violence occurred.

“The Temple Mount in Jerusalem was closed today to Jewish visitors for the last day of Eid al-Adha, but Palestinian rioters still started clashes,” Gendelman said.

“Palestinian rioters who couldn’t find Jewish visitors to attack on the the Temple Mount, started throwing rocks and firecrackers at the Mughrabi Gate,” he said.

Young stone throwers claimed on Sunday that they would oppose the “settler attacks” until the end of the celebration of Sukkot, the holiday huts.

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