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Electronics : Intel is preparing to buy Altera

Intel is preparing to buy Altera

The American manufacturer Intel is preparing to buy Altera for more than $ 16 billion, said, Sunday, May 31, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. The transaction could be announced on Monday, 1 June. Intel, is world’s number 1 for the “chips” in electronic sector, best known for its microprocessors which equiped in every PC. Altera bring its ...

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Google releases new version of Android

With its new version of Android, Google wants to make the smartphone even smarter … Thursday, May 28, the group announced the new version of Android at its annual conference with developers in San Francisco. The mobile operating system of the internet giant Google , wants smartphones to be more intelligent . The aim is to ensure that the search ...

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Microsoft Windows 10 launch with ” Candy Crush Saga “

Microsoft windows 10

Berlin – Microsoft plans to offer its operating system Microsoft Windows 10 depending on the device and application in seven Edition. In addition, the popular smartphone game “Candy Crush” should be automatically installed. Microsoft Windows 10 is expected to come in the summer in 190 countries and 111 languages ​​on the market, the company announced. Some versions should give it ...

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SmartWatch: The Apple Watch in review


Berlin – Apple fans need to be patient. Because a supplier from China is unable to supply the required quality is an important component for the Apple Watch, customers need to wait weeks for the SmartWatch. But the test shows that it pays to wait for the Apple Watch, even if it is not a perfect product. The tested SmartWatch ...

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Video: The exact time of the eruption of the volcano Calbuco

Momento exacto erupción volcán Calbuco desde Reserva Nacional Llanquihue volcano Calbuco video shared by MyBreezyLife A man who was in the Llanquihue National Reserve , close to the volcano, recorded  the precise moment when he made the first of two eruptions so far registered A tourist with his camera recorded the exact time of the eruption of the volcano Calbuco ...

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