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Paris Attacks – Anti Terrorist Operation is underway in Saint- Denis

Anti Terrorist Operation

Anti terrorist police stormed in northern Paris . Two suspected terrorists, including a woman who detonated a suicide belt, have died during a police raid in Saint-Denis targeting the suspected mastermind behind the deadly Paris attacks, police say. A police major anti terrorist operation is underway in north of Paris , as part of the investigation into the attacks. Several police ...

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Terrorist Attacks in Paris: the reactions of the world Politicians

Terrorist Attacks in Paris

Terrorist Attacks in Paris – World Mourns with France Friday night, the state of emergency is decreed in France. Eight terrorist attacks in Paris took place, killed at least 120 people. While on Saturday morning François Hollande meets an emergency council with ministers and reactions from around the world flock to victim support. Barack Obama has been the first to ...

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Barack Obama will honor the victims of the massacre of Charleston

Barack Obama will honor the victims

Nine days after the racist attack that struck Charleston, thousands of people gathered on Friday, June 26 in this small town in South Carolina, where Barack Obama will honor the victims of a shooting that shook America . The President is about to pronounce the eulogy of Pastor Friend Pinckney, figure of the local black community, with eight parishioners fell under the ...

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