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Electronics : Intel is preparing to buy Altera

Intel is preparing to buy Altera

The American manufacturer Intel is preparing to buy Altera for more than $ 16 billion, said, Sunday, May 31, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. The transaction could be announced on Monday, 1 June. Intel, is world’s number 1 for the “chips” in electronic sector, best known for its microprocessors which equiped in every PC. Altera bring its ...

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A400M: A Military Airbus crashed in Seville


An Airbus A400M , a military plane , crashed on the outskirts of Seville Airport in Spain this Saturday afternoon. Four people died . At least four dead and two seriously injured in the crash of a military plane A400M in Seville. A400M Airbus crashed during emergency takeoff , just outside Seville Airport . ” Out of six crew members ...

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