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Barack Obama will honor the victims of the massacre of Charleston

Barack Obama will honor the victims

Nine days after the racist attack that struck Charleston, thousands of people gathered on Friday, June 26 in this small town in South Carolina, where Barack Obama will honor the victims of a shooting that shook America . The President is about to pronounce the eulogy of Pastor Friend Pinckney, figure of the local black community, with eight parishioners fell under the ...

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Louise new teeth blows on Cake

Louise new teeth blows

102 years, Aunt Louise new teeth blows over cake instead of candles ! Hilarious New Haven (Connecticut) – Her granddaughters burns the candles on her birthday cake: Since Louise wanted Bonito made a few days earlier a proud 102 years old, of course, show how much power is still in her lungs. She took a deep breath and blew – ...

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