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Barack Obama, Putin clash over differences on Syria’s future

Barack Obama

Monday, September 28, Barack Obama and Putin were strongly opposed to two hours apart  at the podium of the General Assembly of the UN, holding their politicians chaos that dominates Syria for nearly four years. The US president Barack Obama condemned the support given by Russia to the “tyrant” Bashar al-Assad, on the pretext that an alternative “would be worse.” The ...

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Obama and Rousseff called for a global agreement “ambitious” climate

a global agreement

Tuesday, June 30, US President Barack Obama and his Brazilian counterpart, Dilma Rousseff, called  in Washington at the conclusion of a global agreement “ambitious” climate , affirming their commitment to greater emphasis on renewable energy. In a joint statement regarding a global agreement, the two leaders stressed that countries’ commitments on greenhouse gas emissions must be “regularly updated ” in ...

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