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Syrian baby is born with a wound on her forehead

Syrian baby is born with a wound on her forehead

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After affects of bombing , a Syrian baby is born with a wound on her forehead

On September 18 , an air raid conducted by the army of Bashar al-Assad , destroyed several houses in a residential area of Aleppo , Syria. One of the victims , Amira , is transported to the hospital Mashfa Al- Midani , with three of her children, also wounded . She received shrapnel to the face and body. “Many parts of her body were bleeding , which her stomach too ,” said the spokesman of the hospital to CNN .

Amira is nine months pregnant . The doctors decided to perform an emergency cesarean section. By discovering the baby, they discovered that this Syrian baby is born with a wound on her forehead . “It’s a piece of shrapnel , said a doctor, thank you God , the baby is fine. ” The shrapnel that hit her belly pierced Amira and her uterus and reaches her daughter before she was born .

Named Amel , “hope” in Arabic

” We do not know if the little girl who saved her mother from the shrapnel or if it is the mother who saved her child, but we all know that the evil regime tried to kill them both the two , “said a doctor. For his colleague, Dr. Mohammed Tabbaa , the girl shows ” desperate situation” in his country, where, Syrian baby is born with a wound on her forehead ” shelling are daily “. The story of this baby, named Amel ( “hope” in Arabic ), ” Book explanation for mass migration ” that occurs at this time in Europe, even writes CNN on its website .

For fear of being targeted by the bombings , some medical centers Syrians fled underground, says CNN. “We know that there are atrocities everywhere, regrets Dr. Tabbaa , but at least can reduce the damage. ” While their city was once the most populous in Syria, and one of the most dynamic , Aleppo residents are now living in the ruins and dust .

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